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Superhero With Ink:Sarah Beth-Unhappily Ever After

By January 24, 2018Superheroes with Ink

Writers are the people who introduce us to a different world. A world built by them for us. A book involves millions of if’s and but’s. But once it is reached to us what we see is only words flowing in a perfect way. We people at Tbs planet appreciate all the efforts of a writer and believe that they are no less than a Superhero. A Superhero with Ink. Today we have Sarah Beth sharing some of her experiences with us.

1) Tell us about your recent book.

The most resent book I brought out was a short story teaser for my upcoming collection of short stories based around LGBTQ friendly twisted fairy tales, which is due out around October this year. The series is titled Unhappily Ever After; this story is A Villain’s Tale, the first in the collection. The whole series is based around showing that the tradition ‘bad guys’ are not always what they seem. Nor are our heroes when we find out that the ‘Dark Prince’, is really just trying to keep safe the people who have come to him for shelter and the sweet innocent Princess is actually scheming to constantly be kidnapped to distract the ‘Good Prince’ from the fact she is busily working on controlling and destroying his country. Should she become Queen her power would be absolute, already is she taking aid away from the parts of the realm destroyed by war. Although the prince and princess may not have found love at first sight, both princess swiftly realises there is a lot more to them than people would think.

2) Can you share little details about your Background?

I have worked on various blogs writing entertainment reviews since 2015. I also wrote fan fictions for over five years, teaching myself about different writing styles and learning what an audience is interested. Before I self published my first book (Save Me) in Jan 2016. Which is a dark LGBTQ love story, which focuses on homophobia, cure therapy and the difficulty of coming out as well as self discovery in the current hateful world climate. My second book (Can’t Let You Go) came out summer of the same year. The second in the series, introducing new characters which will merge in books 3 and 4 (due in the next 18 months or so depending on other deadlines). This book goes into the struggle of a young man trying to face up to being a bisexual to win the love of the woman he has always been in love with since high school. While trying to continue on the path to fame and fortune, the path which separated them long ago. When he discovers that he has cancer, and only six months to live. My third book (The Scarlet Drop) came out October 2016, which was actually the first novel I ever wrote back in my teens. Which is a complex tale about vampires, witches, past lives and magic.

3) What motivated you to write this book?

Growing up there were a few movies which totally captivated me, which is going to show my age group now when I say what they are. Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Legend, Willow and of course the Princess Bride. I used to watch the VHS of these so many times, the tape broke and my parents had to get me new copies!! These were a huge influence on me growing up. I always saw ‘bad guys’ differently after labyrinth. Everyone I knew was oh, the Goblin King is so evil, he tried to kill Sarah and stole a baby. Erm, excuse you.

Fear me, love me and I will be your slave?

The King of the Goblin’s had fallen in love with the girl and granted her certain powers.

I can’t live within you.

We’re choosing the path, between the stars; I’ll leave my love, between the stars

Were you even watching the same movie as me? Jareth is completely in love with her, but doesn’t know how to express it. The guy is a shade confused between love and obsession, but he is doing his best. Sarah is a whiney little brat who should have abandoned the baby and taken Jareth’s offer! Trust me, I can sway most people on my counter argument when I get really going.

Then there is the Wizard of Oz. Who on earth storms into a new land, steals a dead woman’s shoes after murdering her, abuses people to force them to help her and then goes off melting a grieving woman just to serve her own purposes! This was long before the Wicked stage show came out, back when everyone was anti bad people and I was about 9 years old! I just always saw things a little differently to others. At panto, I would cheer the bad guy and poor the weak cry baby heroes as they were boring. Then somehow along the way, this book series was born out of my constant arguing the case of those who are misunderstood and not totally evil. I actually enjoy how many people I have made think twice about what they believe after reading it!

4) What are you currently working on?

Currently, as I said there is the Amor series on the back burner as I have been offered quite a few projects this year. The full Unhappily Series. Then I have been invited to write in two short story collections this year. One about love among the Gods and another about Devil Deals, as well as a third next year about Death and reapers.

I also have a FF storyline coming out, which is slightly difficult to explain. It started off as a prompt for a writing deadline, and has ended up far darker. I really can’t write fluffy romance. Starting with a young actress taking a job at an agency which runs adult escape games, which are more deadly than they appear. It will be called The Question Mark and I hope to have it out this spring.

Then there is a MM book called Until My Dying Day, following the story of a young Native American man, forced into a white school suffering homophobia and abuse until finally he meets someone who changes his life around. The book starts with the main character giving a speech at an LGBTQ meeting about life getting better and goes into a diary type format of what he has been through to date. I also hope to have this out spring/summer this year depending on deadlines.

There is also a charity collection for MM stories which I almost have finished, I would also like to complete for summer.

5) When did you start writing?

I don’t think I ever didn’t write. Whether it was on paper, or making up stories in my head and acting them out with my dolls as a small child. The characters were always there, just waiting for me to be old enough and skilled enough to put them to the page. For some people, writing is just who they are.

6) Which writers inspire you the most?

I mention them every chance I get. The wonderful Darren Shan, who I met at a book signing in 2012 and gave me a lot of good advise and support to actually try this writing game. I sent him a copy of my first book when it came out thanking him for his help. He was kind enough to send me back a hand written letter saying how well I’d done. Which still to this date is on my desk reminding me to push myself harder. All I needed was one person I respected to believe in me.

Then there is Neil Gaiman, his book Neverwhere was the first thing which really inspired me to want to be an author when I read it as a child. The deep characters, the dark emotions and how he played havoc with your emotions with just a few words. I want to be just like him when I grew up! Given the fact a few of my fans have named me Miss Edgar Allen Poe (whom I also love!) I think I may be getting there!

7) What are your hobbies?

Other than writing and my mortal job, I spend my evenings working in various musical theatre projects. I love singing, going to open mic nights and most of all I love doing Halloween Scares.

8) Is there any book you personally love and would recommend all the readers?

I have a couple of ‘favourite books’ the ones I always reread when I feel I need a boost. Neverwhere is one, as I already commented on. Another is Laurie King’s first book about Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell, The Beekeepers Apprentice. As well as Lauren Kate’s Fallen series and Joss Stirling’s Finding Sky series. They all contain deep rich characters, well written that you can just escape into for a few hours forgetting everything around you.

9) Any advice for budding writers.

Ignore those who tell you no! You are going to get haters along the way, trust me I have had my fair share of nasty reviews, death threats and trolls. Some of which were people I knew well. The more popular you get, the more hate you will gain. Stay true to yourself and a few close people who believe in you and your work. Break the rules of writing, mix it up, don’t do as you are told, and be completely you. Writing isn’t all about money, blockbuster best sellers lists and fame. At the end of the day, writing is about passion. Getting your story, your name out there for what you truly believe in. As long as you write from the heart, people will love you. Good luck!

Sarah Beth

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