5 Traits of a Startup Founder | TBSPlanet Comics
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When we talk about an entrepreneurial venture specifically startups, it is always considered better than working in a traditional large company.  There are many reasons behind it but one of the most typical reasons is ‘The Boss’. Although, generally there is no such boss culture in startups but a startup founder is still the higher authority. A startup founder always believes in his team and shares a good camaraderie with the people working with him.  These traits always demarcates him from any other old soul boss. Every founder is always focused on the quality of his work rather than the bygone disciplines. That’s why startup founders are visionary, innovative and great leaders. These 5 traits make them different from others:


1. High spirit of optimism and understanding.


2. Degrees are obsolete!

3. Carving Imperfections!

4. Being asocial from inside!


5. Sense of maturity.


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