We are a content studio based out of Bangalore started in 2016. We have a range of comic books across genre from Indian action superheroes to comedies to horror to thriller. Available in all leading online and offline bookstores.

Why a content studio?

Rajeev loved writing since he was a kid. He used to tear-off the central pages of his notebooks, staple them; write and draw comics all over it and then relish as if he has authored few books – that was his boyhood dream. After graduating from his alma mater, IIT Roorkee, he also authored a book titled “Get Corporated before you get fired!” and that is when he took writing much more seriously. Post the launch of this book, he got feedback from a lot of readers that it would have been very interesting to see this work in a graphic novel style. At the same time, he was also working on a script around the mysteries of submerged city of Dwarka under the title of “Varun”. This series was being written in the format of a novel but he then realized that there was so much happening in the script that it seemed much more fun to present it using graphics. That’s where the comic books idea clicked.

We named it “Thought Bubbles Studio” as we wanted it to stand it for imagination, creativity, and freshness. Since TBS will be a complete planet of imaginary heroes, villains and events around them, hence the brand –TBS Planet.

We are starting with comics but have plans to soon venture into animation, videos and games.