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There is a strong need to understand the term ‘EXPERT GENERALIST’ as growing diversification in the era of innovation, continuously demands fostering knowledge in 360 degrees. Expert Generalist is the term used for a person or an individual who tends to develop abilities and become expert through intensifying and developing his general knowledge in all the visible and invisible directions with invincible determination and curiosity. Recent trends show that people are more diverted to be a polymath and create jobs rather than walking on a single road, whole life. And this is how, interest in entrepreneurship is increasing.

Entrepreneurs are expected to be multidimensional and pragmatic as they are responsible for creating jobs and expanding the industry. And it all starts from being a street-smart than a bookworm, and this is how all the successful entrepreneurs Elon Musk and Benjamin Franklin worked for years. They not only worked on a single concept but searched for multiple disciplines which not only helped them to accomplish their ambitions but also many other dreams. If you decide to be an entrepreneur at this instantaneous time, you’re expected to have saliva of all tastes.

Now, the question is how to be a street-smart? And yes, this is quite perplexing, but it can be resolved by figuring out the needs of surroundings, and start understanding them. For instance, if you see a man in front of you, whose car’s engine failed and he is asking for your help. If you’re just a software engineer, you probably won’t go for it rather you’ll call a mechanic and leave. Yes, you were successful in helping him but how did you help yourself? Now, if you’re a street-smart, you’ll start with trying to solve the problem all by yourself, if it doesn’t work, your next step would be to call a mechanic and to stand there and observe, how car’s engine is repaired, what all parts are required etc. etc. and now you at least know the name of parts or the actual problem which arouse. This is how you learned something new. This is similar to the situation when entrepreneurs are amateurs and they work all by themselves. They tend to be self-dependent and extra engaging. They observe their surroundings and response of different people, to their products. They try to build a new strategy every time and experiment it, which makes them multi-potential and helps them to sustain.

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