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Ved’s New Adventure-‘Death by Ice’ comic book launched at Comic Carnival Bangalore

By February 11, 2018Comics

TBS Planet comics is all set to launch its final sequel of the Barf series called as ‘Death By Ice’. Death by Ice is a story of a man made from ice who calls himself “Barf,” and is out on a mission to murder people. Delhi’s super-detective Ved is on a chase to stop this massacre. A series of searches help him to reach a puzzle that can lead him to this supervillain. But, will he be able to crack it? And even if he does, will he be able to unravel the secret behind the mysterious iceman or will he fall prey to Barf’s “Death by Ice”. TBS Planet has launched this comic at Comic Carnival Bangalore on 10th February 2018.

Comic Carnival is an event that is planned and executed by the team TBS. This event was held at Dreams Café, Koramangala, Bangalore. And along with the comic launch, this event was a complete joyride of stupendous games like Augmented Reality Treasure hunt, cool quizzes,  comic making competition and open Mic session. Author, Sachin Dev was also at the event and introduced his book to the audience and judged the comic making competition.

TBS Planet has launched some mind blowing Indian superheroes and one among them is Ved, Ved is a child prodigy, and considered to be the most intelligent human ever born. So far three other comics of Ved series has been launched – Ved, Ved and The Puppet Master, Barf.

In today’s date, TBS Planet has published 18 comics in different genre ranging from Superhero to horror. Though most of the comics TBS Planet has launched superheroes like Varun, Ved, Takshak, Rudra, Uttara, Yug, Karma. And in horror genre, there are comics like Footsteps and 13 Days which never fail to give you goosebumps even in daylight.

The upcoming book from Ved series is Samay. And Ved is now going to experience the biggest challenge of his life – the time itself “Samay”. There is someone who interfered with the timelines which resulted in the change of present and future. and this gave rise to a battle between the saviour of the present – Ved and the guardian of time – Samay. But how would a normal human win against someone who controls time, who can fasten it, stop it and controls an army of demons, who hurt, those who challenge time? For the answer, you have to wait for the breath-stopping comic book that is releasing this summer on website

TBS Planet aims to bring the superhero culture in India by launching various Superheroes. Superheroes that are launched so far by them are Varun, Karma, Ved, Yug, Takshak, Rudra, Uttara. You can read more about the superheroes here.

The next comic by TBS planet is going to be Takshak 2, where Takshak will continue his journey to find Kaal Moti. The pearl of time is lost and despite of weeks of struggle, he is unable to trace it and if he doesn’t he will have to live in exile from his homeland forever.  What’s in store for Takshak? Read the story of shape-shifting snake soon!

Also, TBS Planet has launched their app on Google Play Store. The app contains various comics and the good news for all fellow readers, is that some of the comics are for free. Here is the link TBS Planet comics. You can also go to Google Play Store, type TBS Planet comics and download the app to get access to your favourite comics.



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