We are hiring for multiple positions right now at different experience levels! If you are looking for an opportunity, please drop us your CV along with specific requirements explained below for different roles on sales@TBSPlanet.com


Open positions:

  • Sketching/ Inking/ Colorist Artist: Someone who can sketch/ink/color well. Our comic books are mostly around Indian superheroes and thus we are looking for folks who can develop Indian characters well. Send us some of your sample works if you would like to apply for this position.
  • Script Writers (Humor/ Action) – We are currently looking for script writers for our webcomic (humor/ parody genre) and action superheroes. If you write to send us a short write up on the following:
    i) If you would like to apply for humor genre – Send us a 100 words parody write-up on a popular Bollywood movie. (Hint: Remember Scary Movie 3 – A Hollywood classic parody?)
    ii) If you are interested in action superheroes content, then pitch us a 100 words write-up on any of our characters – Ved, Varun, Karma. The pitching story should be around a new supervillain and how the superhero overcomes it.
  • Sales and Marketing – We are also looking for folks who are enthusiastic about business! E-commerce/ Social media marketing/ affiliate marketing/ bookstore supply chain management – Does anything sound interesting to you? If yes, do send us your CV.
  • HR – We are looking for folks who can hire folks for us. If you think your qualifications are perfect for the requisite post, do let us know.