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Rangkshetra: Artist of the day- Aarthi Goyal

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Welcome back guys to our Rangkshetra series, today we are bringing you a story of a beautiful and talented artist Aarthi Goyal, during her MBA days she started to work on her art and right from the start she knew where she finds peace.

So let’s hear it from Aarthi about her journey in the field of art!

1. Tell us something about yourself. Hello, I’m Aarthi Goyal, a surrealist at heart with an experimental mind. I’m a full-time artist living in Chennai and I’m currently pursuing resin as a medium to create unique, abstract pieces of art that include tableware such as artisanal Coasters, Trays, Cheese Platters, Bowls and furniture such as side tables, centerpieces etc. I wanted to make art that could also be used every day, possibly influence the moods and energies of people and homes, and not just adorn walls. I’ve sold my art worldwide.

2. How did your interest grow in the field of art?
My art journey began when I was little, with sketching. Growing up my fascination for art grew further and I did it alongside my MBA education. Since I always knew that art was my calling, I decided to take the plunge and enrolled myself at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, an esteemed art school in Bangalore. Through this experience, I got a chance to practice a lot of mediums and understood my personal taste in art.

3. Who is your inspiration? 
My biggest inspiration growing up was my mother, her paintings drew me closer to the magnificent world of art. Later on, I discovered and studied so many artists, a few of which like Van Gogh, Salvadore Dali, Jackson Pollock, Henrik Aau, and Phoebe Gander quickly became my favorites. Also, the sea has been a been a constant source of inspiration. It was while sitting by the shore, watching the waves, that I realized that my art had endless possibilities. This has a significant influence on my choice of colors and my style of art.

4. Which is your favorite art style? 
I’m an inherent surrealist and working with Resin has become an integral part of me. The fluidity it has and the depth that I can achieve with it is nothing short of an addiction. I also enjoy painting with oils, pastels, graphite and charcoal every now and then.

5. What are your future plans?
I’m building a collection of furniture and larger pieces of paintings and art installations focusing on seascapes and I hope to expand that furthermore.

6. Any advice for budding artists?
The first and the most important piece of advice would be to spend more time on your art, practice and really build your technique. Having said that, distrust generalization of any rules to succeed in art, maybe even this one. What works for you may not for another. I go by my 3 C’s rule: be Creative, Confident and Consistent.

To see more of her work you can check out her social media handle:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aarthigoyal/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aarthigoyalart/


Rangkshetra: Artist of the day- Dheeraj Kumar

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We are back with another artist another day, the Rangkshetra series holds a very special place in our heart, today we are featuring Dheeraj Kumar also called as D.K Boss he is a freelance writer and artist, he also creates his own comics.

So let’s hear it from D.K Boss!!

  1. Tell us something about yourself. 

Myself Dheeraj Kumar also called as DK Boss. I’m a Lucknow (U.P.) based freelance artist and writer. I am a graduate of BFA and 3D Animation studies.

I’m mainly working in Comics with Designing and Animation fields along. I’m working as comicbook colorist from 2008 in Indian comics I started working for foreign comics from 2016. I’m currently working as Series Colorist for ‘Star’s End’ by Antarctic Press USA, with Guest Colorist on ‘Miss Mask’ by Antarctic Press as well. FireGirl Comics USA, Ravanayan 3,4,5 and HCE Showcase by HolyCow Entertainment, Parshu Mayhem by Orange Radius are some of my works as a colorist. I also worked as Writer on ‘Ghosts of India’ by Comics Theory.

I also do my own webcomics strip named ‘Jhoomritallaiyyaa’.

  1. How did your interest grow in the field of art?

– It’s from childhood, I was fortunate to get introduced to comics so early. Phantom, Flash – Gordan, DC, SpiderMan, Archies were the first ones. At that time it was the coolest thing for a kid, I had lots of comics. I used to copy their art. I exactly don’t remember when I started doing art but I soon realized I’m making better art than other kids. Then tv cartoons, video games etc made my interest more stronger in art. In teenage, I found myself more attracted to Commercial Art. I made up my mind for a career in Art Field in my Intermediate.

  1. Who is your inspiration?

–  My first inspiration is my Father, for the man he was and for his struggles. also when I get to knew that Tv Cartoons and Games are not made by machines or Computer but actual people do them, this really inspired me. Comics character Batman and actor Akshay Kumar have a very strong influence on me.

  1. Do you have any favorite art style? If yes, which?

– I avoid myself to follow any particular style because working as freelance artist demands variations/versatility. Still, I have a strong influence of great comics artist Manu ji (George Edison) in my anatomy style. I do follow Frank Cho for illustrations too. Stanley Lau (Artgerm) and Hyung Lee colors inspire me a lot.

  1. What are your future plans?

My own comics series definitely, I’m working on a few self comics projects.

  1. Any advice for budding artists?

– A great Portfolio. It’s very important. Don’t waste your time doing lots of fan arts and other similar kinds of stuff. Instead, create your own characters and story, no matter if it’s for comics, gaming or if it’s a movie idea, the idea is you keep growing and inventing your own world so that no one could be able to beat at your stuff. Just keep working on your stuff/style so when the opportunity hits you, you make sure to hit it back with a great impact.

To check out more of his work do visit:



Rangkshetra: Artist of the Day- Nishan Faiz

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Hey guys, we welcome you back in our artist series. It’s fun to read the story of artists who are doing so well, creating some masterpieces and making this world more beautiful. Today we have Nishan Faiz who is an engineer from Calicut and loves to create beautiful art.

So let’s hear it from Nishan.

1. Tell us something about yourself. 

My name is NishanFaiz and I am from Calicut district of Kerala. I have completed B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering in the year 2018 and now I am searching for a job in designing to stay close from art as well to make a living.

2. How did your interest grow in the field of art? 

Actually, for me, there is no perfect answer to this question. When I was in school I used to do drawings, drawing period was the most interesting subject for me. But when I went to secondary the subject of the drawing got eliminated. After my completion of studies, I again started my drawing classes and got involved in it. Firstly I started it as a hobby but later I got more involved. There is always a support system in your life so I got my support system of my best friend. As she was not much interested in drawings but she always used to tell me and motivate me to draw. This helped me to do as a passion and not just a hobby. My style got changed and the drawing was getting realistic feelings.

3. Who is your inspiration? 

My father is my inspiration but in the case of art the only person who inspired me is my best friend AlfiyaYoonus. Let me tell you a short description of them. My father is my hero. I used to imitate him in most of the situation, as I was the captain of my motorsports team in my college where I used to imitate my father, as I know that he was a good leader which I used to see him from home. He used to take the quick decision in most situations.

He was the person who used to stand along with me in my worst situation. He used to motivate me; he used to give different ideas and suggestion for me in all my work like that there are many situations to explain. But when it comes to my best friend she always motivates to do my passion. I used to draw only beginners model, it is she who used to make me draw most of the pictures which I felt I can’t able to do. She was more confident than me, that it’s possible for me to draw all those pictures. She used to buy drawing materials for me. She was the person who told me to start page on Instagram.

4. Which is your favorite art style?

Photorealism is my favorite art. I used to draw the pictures by looking at photographs. I love to do pencil shading of photographs. Firstly I used to do draw only photos but later when I got interested I started to do pencil shading. Actually, I used to draw by looking in a photograph. I like to photos objects organs whatever it is using pencil shades, I try to make it more realistic as possible. I hadn’t gone to any class to learn how to draw. If I have any ability to draw, all that I gained is through practice.

5) What are your future plans?

I have a great interest in drawing but I don’t know how I can make that as a profession for me. If I got a chance to take a career as an artist I will definitely choose that. I hope this is a chance which is put in front of me by God. Also, I have planned to take the design field in engineering which is also an art with help of technology where we can be more creative.

6) Any advice for budding artists?

Stick your dream, work for that. There will always be failures; make it as a stone to strengthen the base of your ambition. It only through failure we can learn. Failure is there, only for those who try something new. So never be afraid of failure, just go on. Practice more to achieve your dreams. It may take time but one day will come which is yours.


Rangkshetra: Artist of the Day- Arpan Kumar.

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Today, in the artist series we have an amazing artist who is moving into digital art, Arpan is a student from the Indian Institute of Science and Research and still practice his art in the busy schedule.

So let’s hear it from Arpan in his own words.

1.  Tell us something about yourself. 

 I am Arpan Kumar Nayak <aka “deWalkie”>, a student from IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research) Pune, currently pursuing my 2nd year in an integrated BSMS course of 5 years which is oriented to scientific research. I am from Odisha, where I was born and brought up. I have been, in the literal sense, practicing the art of some of the other sort, before I actually began my formal studies. I have learned fine art for a couple of years and am quite into pastel work. I have worked with soft pastels and oil pastels, but prefer the latter. I do not use the brush as such, but if that’s the need of the hour, I got it all covered! In the past few years I have shifted my genre <actually several times> and started working on illusions, that work like 2D skewed projections of standing 3D objects and feel quite confident about it, I have also worked at large scales, say for making 3-4 ft long floor paintings, which result in larger 3D illusions <I got a life-size white tiger 3D illusion on my garage floor… XD>. Recently, what has caught up my interest is digital art. I have got a Huion h950 graphics pen tablet and I have learned to draw in Photoshop (have even tried my hand on realism). I have tried my hand in Adobe Animate (Flash basically) for 2D animation and Zbrush for sculpting. However, currently, I am working on modeling, texturing, rigging and animating stuff on blender which is a 3D animation software (FOSS). As a sideline, I also do casual sketches and direction and photography and also know the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.

2. How did your interest grow in the field of art?

 I might not have stepped into this pool of “ART” on my own (my parents thought putting to draw something would increase my concentration and stuff, I don’t know if that actually happened <seems like…>) but yes I gradually started liking it and I remember coping down stuff, preferably, cartoon and all, from TV shows, books and anything that was actually visually appealing for a kid. Later on, yes, the systematic approach of learning the finer entities, the challenging yet promising stuff that kept me involved, and now, I feel it’s the diversity that has always been so intriguing that it’s an integral part of life now!

3. Who is your inspiration?

Nature comes first, I would say. I do believe in God’s supremacy, at least in the sense that he/she knew what color he/she is using…; Say, the whole universe was made by a single being, that’s more inspiring than any other thing!! It’s so beautiful and appealing. And man has always tried to emulate such things, manipulate and produce stuff, trying to put down his imagination garnished by and I feel that’s what artists are…Beyond that, of course, there are many many people who have inspired me at many points of time and social media, has always been the catalyst!

4.  Do you have any favorite art style? If yes, which?

My favorite style in terms of classical art is Surrealism #SalvadorDaliFan. I do like Monet’s art style of Impressionism too. In the forms, that I have worked in, I just love Oil pastels as the medium and 3D modeling in terms of digital art, and I am attaching an image that I am currently, working on and is incomplete.

5.  What are your future plans?

 My future plans so as to say, will be ending up as a scientist, since I am into Science…but yes, art and drawing and all… not giving up on it ! <Currently, I am like: give me a chance to learn and make stuff for games or maybe animation movies, I would run crazy XD>

6. Any advice for budding artists? 

I don’t feel I am good enough for delivering an ‘advice’ as such, but a message that I feel good enough to share, will be that, never give up on art, may be of any form…you might not even consider your work under proper art, but hey, that’s what art is all about right… creativity and curiosity.

So, go, run like a wild horse, with your supplies and create a masterpiece… your own masterpiece !!


Rangkshetra: Artist of the Day-Hitesh Sen.

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“When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that’s when passion is born,” said Zig Ziglar a prominent American author, salesman and motivational speaker. Today, we are featuring Hitesh Sen, who is one such youngster. He is an engineering student at Techno India NJR Institute of Technology in Udaipur and an artist. He spoke to us exclusively about his passion and love for art.

Let’s hear from him, how he is doing in the field of arts.

1.Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Hitesh Sen, a self-taught artist and an engineering student of Mechanical Engineering 4th year at Techno  India NJR Institute of Technology in Udaipur, Rajasthan. I am extremely delighted to share that in college we are making an electric vehicle as a final year project. So far, I have designed the 3D model of cars on Solid works and 3Ds Max. For a living, I take orders for paid sketches and portrait for weddings. Generally, I take orders online through Instagram or overcall.

Besides, I also delivered many commissioned artwork out of Rajasthan. Recently, I delivered posters to Kolkata for a student. Now, I’m working for another client from Delhi. I also help Kids and students in school projects in making posters, diagrams, and craft.

2. How did your interest grow in this field of art?

Well! I started drawing at the age of five. Every new academic year on the month of April, I would pick new textbooks and flip fresh pages to find new pictures and diagrams in the textbooks. Then, I used to draw those pictures on my drawing sheet. I firmly believe that cartoons have a deep relation with my inclination in the arts. I am brought up watching Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Scooby Doo, Donald Duck, Round Runner and so on. My brother and I am a big fan of Marvel Comics. In fact, it is fun drawing characters of the same.

Moreover, I spend my leisure time scribbling, doodling and sketching. In school days, I used to fill the last pages of my notebook with sketches.

3. Who is your inspiration?

In class during my school days, I used to draw in the last pages of notebooks. One day my class teacher saw my drawings while checking my notebook. I was expecting to scold but to my utter surprise, the teacher admired me.  After that event, she called me to draw something on the blackboard. No sooner did I finished the sketch than the entire class started clapping. It is ineffable to express that day. That was a turning point in my life as I started taking art seriously and more professionally. I also wish to acknowledge my friends who always motivated and competed with me in the arts.

4. Which is your favorite art style?

My favorite art style is ‘Figurative Art’ . It is a form of artwork that concerns with painting and sculptures that are derived from real object sources and is representational. ‘ Impressionism’ has greatly fascinated me. It is 18th-century art movement characterized by relatively small, thin, yet visible brush strokes, open composition, emphasis on accurate depiction of light in its changing qualities.

I don’t know how this talent came to me. My mom says that it is an innate quality which is gifted to me by God.  Actually, whatever I see, sticks to my brain. I mean, I remember its shape, color, and every detail other detail. Then, I try to draw it in my own way. I think my inner desire for arts keeps me motivated and make me enjoy my work.

5. What is your plan for the future?

In the future, I want to help artists of new generation from art, dance, music, singing and other realms of fine arts by providing the platform where they can show their talent to the world. Even, I have started promoting artists from different states of India through Instagram under page @india_artists_clubs . We are a team of 12 members behind this initiative.

6.Any advice for budding artists?

I request every lover of arts to never leave their passion. You are very special person in this universe who got such talent, so focus on the call of your conscience and your inner talent. Everyone has one or other talent which makes them unique and special. So, respect your talent, keep practicing and learning new things.

At last, I want to say that, nobody learned art in one day, it is devolved through continuous practice. So, keep going.


Rangkshetra: Artist of the Day- Shuvankar Biswas.

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Art enthusiasts welcome to our page once again. Today we are featuring  Shuvankar Kumar Biswas who is Asst. Professor at Indian Institute Of Craft & Design, Jaipur and secretary of Pratibha Educational Development & Research Society. He is an epitome of youngsters who make career choice on the grounds of passion and fulfill it through utter devotion.

Let us hear from this proactive and enthusiastic teacher in his own words.

1. Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Shuvankar Kumar Biswas. I am basically from Bongaon, West Bengal but, I have been staying in Jaipur for 7 years. I am an assistant professor in Indian Institute Of Craft & Design, Jaipur and secretary of Pratibha Educational Development & Research Society.

I have worked with Jaipur Development Authority for painting projects. Precisely, I am a freelancer and an educationist. Besides my teaching, I do portraits, landscapes, illustrations as per the demand of clients. Basically, I work in pencil, watercolors, charcoal, acrylic, pen & ink and oil medium.

2. How did your interest grow in this field of art?

To be genuine my ambiance have a great effect on my learning. The tradition and culture of my state, West Bengal always fascinated me. My father is a writer and self-taught artist. I have seen him from childhood painting, illustrating and clay modeling. He worked as a catalyst in growing my interest in arts. I started doing a painting with my father.

But, in 6th grade, I started taking proper classes for drawing from ‘Guru SamitMandol’ . After completing my school education I took admission in Govt. College Of Art And Craft, Kolkata. This is the only college in India which offers two different departments of arts i.e. Western and  Indian technique of arts.

3. Who is your inspiration?

My parents are my first source of inspiration. I was brought up in a family were canvas and brush were the best tools of amusement. Being a father as an artist is really a blessing for him. He was my first teacher and the person who taught me the rudiments cum importance of arts. He always encouraged me in this field and did every possible work to give me and my future a better shape.

4. Which is your favorite art style?

As I got my education in the western style of painting so, I love the realistic style of painting mainly in oil medium. My works are related to superpowers, forces, and aggression against the evils of society. The inequity in society, my own fears, and self-imposed limits have shaken my inner being to such a degree that I want to liberate myself and society from that. But, I don’t have such superpower, therefore, I chose to express my inner self through my painting.

Besides, I am very much inspired by the ‘Vinashak’ or destroyer from the Indian God and Goddess like Rudra form of Shiva and Chamunda Kali, Mahakaal


5. What is your plan for the future?

First and foremost, I want to establish myself as a successful artist so that I can leave footprints in the world of art. I don’t want to limit my love for art merely to the level of profession and mode of earning rather I want to use my gift of art for the sake of mankind by raising serious issues of a society of people. Placards, posters, painting and other forms of artwork help one to convey one’s idea to a large audience in less time and more simply. Take the case of posters and painting used in a campaign for Polio, education, justice rights and so on. In a nutshell, I hope I will be able to bring a difference in society through my artwork.

6.Any advice for a budding artist?

In my opinion, any artist or a learner must have a basic knowledge of academic skills. After that, they should amalgamate their skills, emotions, and thoughts. They must practice and work regularly to improve. They should also do frequent exhibitions.

Being an art teacher, I feel that students are very confused about career scope in this field, but like other streams, today art also has vast career opportunities. It can be made more vast by making art popular among a large number of people.


For more such arts you can follow him on Instagram:  Shuvankar Biswas

Rangkshetra: Artist of the Day- The_BombayDoodler

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Every art is different and so is every artist. They come from different backgrounds work on the different art style, but we are glad that we get to know so many artists like this through our Artists Series. Today we are featuring Pradeep Das also called as TheBombay_Doodler 

He is an H.R by profession scribbling boring office diary with some beautiful doodles. Apart from this, he caters to various sectors of clients like Interior Designers, Architects, Corporate spaces, Cafes etc. and light up space by scribbling it or we can say doodling it.

So, let’s hear it from The  Bombay Doodler.

1. Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Pradeep Das and I reside in Navi Mumbai. I am currently working at D.P World (HR Department) which is a logistics firm.

People find different ways to unwind but I strive through my passion to unwind and recreate. Life hasn’t always been a merry go round for me due to which I started working when I was 19. I started my journey working for the BPO’s and MNCs similar to easy choices of teens back in those days. Although my interests in sports made me the star of my college but at the back of my mind, I always wanted to be an artist. This realization struck me at an early age and made me curious to learn more and more about art. Soon enough I started understanding what scribble art is, which is popularly now known as “DOODLE” now.

Its rightly said that practice makes a man perfect and hence I gave my creativity time, after office hours and got into the habit of doing it daily not just once but every time I got the time to shape my thought out on paper.  Gradually my talent started getting recognition on social media something that I wasn’t expecting. It was because of those appreciations and love from people that motivated me to do more for myself and my art. Organizations started approaching me and it just kept getting bigger day by day.

I currently also work as an artist for the Chal Rang De community but I also cater to various sectors of clients like Interior Designers, Architects, Corporate spaces, Cafes etc. One of my favorite pieces of art has been the massive doodle wall I created for the famous choreographer Melvin Louis for his studio, You must take a look at it. Although working for such clients has been an experience I have always looked forward to, creating memories really close to my heart.

2. How did your interest grow in the field of art? 

As I have mentioned before my interests have always been in Art and I have gradually tried to progress in it. But I never understood for long how to keep creating and recreating new pieces of art, but if u see your answers are always around you but you fail to notice them. I have always tried to see the world from a different perspective and couldn’t find anything better but this world and my experience to inspire my work. Doodling became that medium through which I could express my opinions and feelings about the world get my perspective out there in the world in the best way possible. I really feel blessed when people understand my work, connect with it and most importantly understand the reality in it.

When I was younger I didn’t really know what art could do and the power that it has helping you to connect with individuals mentally and emotionally. Art was just another football game for me where I could show tricks and win hearts and be the stud at school, my intentions towards art that were very raw and more inclined towards gaining attention. Although i have a very interesting graph which starts with scribbling on school desks to creating sketches to come in the limelight , to creating characters because I wanted an upgrade to myself , to creating cartoons because now I loved what I had started doing, to making mandalas because by now it was a passion I never wanted to get rid of and then finally doodles my most favorite art form that grew on me to an extent that I wanted the world to know my perspective and appreciate the life for art I have . I feel honored to draw something on a piece of paper or even a wall for that matter.

When I look back at those days when all this began, I realize how this passion has evolved and grown in me from the very within. It has made me more patient, more dedicated and helped me know myself better. Art has evolved me as a person and my perspective about this cute little world, it has evolved me to a patient person who strives as hard as required to get that perfect stroke that can make thousands smile. There are these little things that have kept me going till date.

To be honest this journey has been a crazy roller coaster ride but today at social events when I’m recognized as The Bombay Doodler there’s nothing more than I would ask for. Totally grateful.

3. Who is your inspiration? 

The first two decades of my life were spent being told that I am confused, I don’t fit in, I have lost my track and I should study and decide what I want to do in the future.

I am 28 now, and I have absolutely no intentions of slowing down. I like where I am going and most definitely love what I am doing.

You know how when you are in a rush to get somewhere you drive as fast as you can to catch every green light possible? That’s exactly what it felt like back then when I made up my mind to be an artist.

My roots are from a small village and I feel blessed and proud to mention it because my inspirations are majorly drawn from that part of my world. I love this daily hustle and the belief that the game is strong and you have to earn your way at the top.

Sometimes you may run out of content to create from and that’s when you would need the hunger inside you to help you create and re-create. This is where most of my inspiration is drawn from. I believe that sometimes you need to be your own inspiration because that’s how an individual grows. Whenever I complete a piece of my creativity, I make sure that this one is better than the previous one and it has the beat of my tastes and flavor’s of art at that moment.

I believe that anyone and everyone can your inspiration at a point but it would never work in your favor unless you make yourself an inspiration to you. I am a self-inspired person, and I think it helps and could be the best thing you could do for yourself. Because you can promise yourself to be better and honest to your dreams and of course you would never break a promise made to yourself.

4. Which is your favorite art style?

We all have choices when it comes to what type of art we like. Art is a subjective matter & can bring out vibrant opinions. Personally, I love black & white art because they add drama and command attention adding a touch of modern sensibility to more traditional spaces.

I have client requirements where they want me to doodle their life story or their journey and I always feel blessed  to be a part of such a conversation because the amount of trust they show in me by sharing their story and believing in me that I would bring it to life again and they can relive those moments again, I fall short of words to express the way I feel . It gives me immense satisfaction to work on varieties like these and create variations to each one of them.

Since I was a child, I have fallen for Mario Miranda’s artwork and style , To be honest, I have tried to recreate those art pieces in the beginning when I had wanted to begin my journey for the love of art but to my realization it never satisfied me because I could call it my piece of work . It’s then that I shifted to black and white art and this time not just scribbled on the book but poured my heart out as I had a big world behind me to prove that I fit in.

5. What are your future plans?

Future is too far a thing, I believe is working for the present because that’s how you’ll set your paths apart from the others. Although I would love to create an art school for budding artists and have them the best of artists from around the world to teach and train them so that people at a very early age understand what Art is and never have to struggle their way through to prove it to the world.

I have also had major interests in traveling and I have a long list of names I would love to travel to and doodle around at spaces. This is my major future goal and I’m looking forward to this the most. If by then I succeed at making my own art space I’ll definitely have my entire team travel the world with me and spread the love for art like never before.


6.Any advice for budding artists?

I think it’s too soon for me to start giving a piece of advice to other artists out there. Everyone has a different ideology that they follow, a different way they work and a different way to look at creatives although I would like to wholeheartedly share my experience and thoughts about art and the field and would be the happiest if it’s of any help to even one budding artist among many.

All I would like to say is that always respect your passion and the outcome you get from it.

Sometimes you will succeed, and sometimes you won’t. You can’t have the best of both worlds always but learn to live the moment, learn from your mistakes and move on but never quit, never give up on your dreams.

Work harder the next time because you were sent here to do that and not sulk in your pillow. Definitely improve your skills and be more passionate about what you love and what you want to create. Create it not to show off but create it for your satisfaction.

I don’t think an artist needs advice, no matter how inspiring a piece of advice you give, they will always do what they want and that’s how an artist should be. Because that’s how they’ll stand out, everyone’s unique and arts magnificent and there’s definitely more in the coming time.

To check out more of his works, you can follow him on Instagram @TheBombay_Doodler

Rangkshetra: Artist of the Day- Ruchika Kumawat.

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Rangkshetra, Artist series aims to promote artist as much as possible, to tell them there is a world waiting for them to showcase their talent. So for today, we are featuring an artist who used art as an escape, to give her mind a peace in between hectic studies but she ended up doing it for full time.

Ruchika Kumawat is a talented young girl, who is experienced in pencil shading. She generally creates art without using colors and there is no match of her beautiful work.

1. Tell us something about yourself. 

My name is Ruchika Kumawat. I am a Jaipur based artist. I have graduated in commerce. Something that I really enjoy doing is making realistic graphite pencil sketches. I also take orders for portraits. I have been doing pencil shading for the last 4.5 years and I’m pretty experienced at it. I started doing these paintings and drawings professionally under my brand name Ruchika’s Creations from 2017. It is based off Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur. I get clients and communicate with them only through my Facebook page and Instagram. I have done work for several clients from various localities like Jaipur, Hyderabad, Agra, Mumbai, Delhi, Sikandarabad. I even have clients from Michigan.
    Fb page – www.facebook.com/rcreations29
Instagram – www.instagram.com/ruchikakumawat.29

2. How did your interest grow in the field of art?
Drawing has always been my passion. Drawing has been my hobby since childhood. I was really good at it back then too. But because of the fact that I am a studious child, I never thought of opting it professionally and starting a career on it. But all that changed when I joined a hobby class to learn pencil shading during my CA course in 2014 and I really liked it. Thereafter, I used to practice drawing in my free time. This opened up my potential to my own eyes and later I opted it as my full-time work.

3. Who is your inspiration?
Mostly, I get inspiration from other artists. When I see their work, I learn from them and this knowledge is really helpful for me as I  try to grow my skills after watching them. I have realized a very important fact that as an artist it’s important to learn and grow continuously.

4. Do you have any favorite art style? If yes, which?
 Of course, I do. My most favorite art style is portraits, for sure. Because when you create someone’s portrait, the strangest thing happens. You somehow feel connected with that person in some sense and because you drew them, it’s almost like you know them. I really love to see the reactions of my clients when they see their portraits and that is the one thing that keeps me going.

5. What are your future plans?
 Yeah. I do have quite a few, in fact. Besides pencil shading that I’ve learned,  I am learning how to use watercolors, oil colors and acrylic colors. I do this because once I’ve learned these too, I can start doing portraits in these mediums also.

6. Any advice for budding artists?
 Here’s an advice for all those blooming flowers out there. Keep practicing and be patient. Support each other as a community instead of being competitors. Take risks, leave your comfort zone. Every failed drawing will teach you something, don’t get disheartened. Chill during an art block.  It’s okay to take some time off.


Rangkshetra: Artist of the Day- Jeraj Jain

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So guys, we are here another day with another interview. Today we are featuring Jeraj who is a budding Engineer but a professional artist. Artists like him are there to inspire people who make the study as an excuse. But there are people like Jeraj who are managing their studies as well as art. And there is nothing that can stop him from creating some masterpiece.

1. Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Jeraj Jain. I’m a 20-Year-old self taught Artist.
I am basically from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. I am pursuing an engineering degree in Computer science. Apart from that, I am a Professional Artist. I do live painting performance, commissioned painting & portrait work, interior designing, custom decorations and many such things. As I was born on the festival of colors: Holi, my parents believe that ‘I have a strong connection with colors’

2. How did your interest grow in the field of art? 

Since childhood I am a great fan of art. No matter what base i get, i always start scribbling on it. When I was in school, i used to go to several contests, starting from about 4th standard, and have won prizes in them. Since then, I started giving it my best as I started feeling so good about what I was doing. I believe that art, It’s a way of expression. Sometimes you need more than just words to explain your thought processes and about the stuff that is going on in your head. I enjoy art because it offers me the ability to draw a world that even I can lose myself in.

3. Who is your inspiration? 

I find inspiration in a variety of people and things. I would have to say that the person who has most greatly inspired me has been my Father. He always had a smile on his face no matter how hard he worked. He was well respected and always gave more than what he received. I always try to be like him, as much as I can.

4. Which is your favorite art style?

As an artist, no particular art style seems more interesting over the others for me to call it my favorite. I like to try every form of art and learn new things which can inspire me to do more. But, I do love making Pop arts. Pop Art is an art form that reflected a return to material realities of peoples’ everyday life. It actually means the return to popular culture, thus the name “pop.” This art style si derived from the visual activities and certain pleasures of people such as television, magazines and comics.

5.What are your future plans?
In the coming years, I’ll be older and wiser, still creating and traveling as much as possible. The only thing that is certain is that by then is that I’ll have evolved much further as a person and as an artist. I will be having a job, concurrently I will be doing art related works. Just like how I am doing my studies and artwork together now. I also want to learn about interior designing & makeup. My main goal in life is to be able to support myself exclusively on making art.

6.Any advice for budding artists?

Rule number one, ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR PASSION. You have to conduct yourself in the art world the same way you conduct your life in the general one– treat people just the way you expect them to treat you. No matter how fast your career is accelerating, be polite, courteous, kind, generous, positive, respectful, and attentive.
Secondly, never do your work according to other people, like what they like or they want. Just focus on yourself and have faith in your own Art. It’s your own world and it’s the most beautiful place you can ever explore.
Lastly, never stop learning. Never think of yourself as superior to anyone. Always do more and more practice for polishing your skills.

For more artworks, you can follow him at https://www.instagram.com/jerajrockzzz/

Rangkshetra: Artist of the day- Pragyan Kranti

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Art is all about passion, no matter what profession you pursue if you have a passion for it no one can stop you from creating some beautiful piece. So today’s story is about Pragyan who is an architect by profession but is bound to create some beautiful masterpiece.

Come on! Let’s hear it from Pragyan about his journey.

1. Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Pragyan Kranti; I am an architect by profession and an artist by passion. I come from a beautiful small town in the northeastern part of India but currently, I am living in Mumbai due to my profession.  Being professionally attached to the creative field, my life pretty much revolves around drawing, designing, and illustration of thoughts and ideas.  

As far as art is concern, I am a self-taught artist. Initially I started it as a hobby or time pass but now it has become an integral part of my life and my identity. I mostly work on dry media in monochrome. There are certain arts which are being my key interest that is as follows, traditional art, figurative, and portrait. My focus always has been in bringing liveliness in my artworks that stand out as real as possible. Simplicity, innocence, and grace are a few qualities that I seek to achieve in most of my works. The idea here is to bring an essence of existence, a connection to it’s surrounding and of course to the viewer. 

For me, art is the vital dose of mental peace and satisfaction, a way of expressing my thoughts and perception. Though I haven’t practiced art as a full-time profession, I engage myself in various exhibition and art education programs and do commission works on requests as and when I get spare time.  

2.  How did your interest grow in the field of art?

I have been always drawn towards art in different forms. Be it in form of music, drawing or craft. As far as drawing is concern, I used to draw as a child like every child would do. But I wasn’t good at drawing at all, but still, I used to love drawing. Then it got lost in the race of another curriculum. Finally, I ended up landing in architecture which restored my long lost love for art but it was limited to mostly buildings and design related illustrations. However, I found the real passion for drawing at a much later stage. I have been always fascinated by the diverse facial expressions and features reflecting countless emotions and always wanted to capture those moments in an artistic way, that’s how I got drawn towards sketching. I tried to capture those emotions on my sketchbook. As I told you before that I am a self-taught artist, I never attended any formal education in art. Initially, I started with ink to draw silhouette kind of illustrations on my sketchbook than I gradually realized my inclination towards realism and started exploring different media some of those include most unconventional material. I failed in many and succeeded in few. I learned from my mistakes and kept exploring more. After all it has been a really exciting journey so far.     

3. Who is your inspiration?

Portrait art being my primary area of interest, I would say all those people (known and unknown) and their faces full of expressions that brings an urge in me to capture the moment on my sketchbook have contributed to who am I today as an artist. They all are my inspiration.   

If I have to name some masters then I really admire work of artists like Vladimir Volegov, Darren Baker and VeriApriyatno.

4. Which is your favorite art style?

There isn’t any specific art style that I particularly admire. Any piece of art that I can connect to fascinates me irrespective of its style. But If I have to choose one then I would go with realism. I think it takes a lot of effort to present a subject as realistic as possible. I really like how even the simplest subject can be presented in a clear and bold manner with the fineness of work.  

5. What are your future plans?

Well, I have been working on few interesting projects lately which include two series of drawings representing the cultural diversity of India.

Then there is a series of workshops specially designed to cover the necessary drawing techniques for beginners to intermediate level artists.

Apart from these, I am currently working on my YouTube channel that I am planning to launch soon mostly by the end of the next month. There shall be two segments, one covering behind the scenes of all my upcoming artworks and in the other part I’ll be covering the video tutorials for those who are interested in learning art.

I have been in touch with few NGOs to spread social awareness through art on various topics. Meanwhile, I am looking for more art foundations to work in collaboration, particularly in art education and social welfare.   

6. Any advice for budding artists?

I have been repeating these points in each of my workshops and whenever someone asks me about how to start off. The key ingredients are passion, persistence, and practice. Whenever we see a really nice piece of art we go like -oh hey, that’s so cool; I also want to draw/paint/plays like that. But most of the time this feeling is volatile. You try for few attempts and lose your heart as it doesn’t turn out to be anywhere close to your expectation. Until you feel that strong urge within you to learn and create something extraordinary things will not happen automatically. Persistence will automatically follow once you have strong determination. Do not expect your initial works to be out of the world. Keep putting your efforts in improving your skills, practice regularly. Handwork never goes waste when it comes to acquiring skills. It’s not a game of chance; improvement will definitely be there may be slower or faster case to case. If you think good artists are born talented then you may rethink about it. People may be gifted with tools, not skills. No skill ever came to anyone without any effort. Remember, masterpieces cannot be created overnight.

Finally, I would say keep exploring new and innovative materials before settling down in one media. Networking is very important, particularly if you are trying to make a living out of it.  Try and showcase your works on different platforms and keep yourself open to constructive criticism. Keep observing things around you, don’t just look. And above all aim for satisfaction and not completion, you should enjoy the process of painting/ drawing rather than being excited about the final outcome.