Abhay was a contract killer based out of Bangalore. But he was different than other contract killers. He had his own set of rules. He would decide that for whom he will take a contract and for whom he will not! There was only one person who knew everything about Abhay’s principles – his girlfriend Priya.

One day however when Priya was misbehaved at her new job at Canal News by her boss Satya, Abhay killed him. Satya’s men, in turn, chased Abhay and he drowned in Kaveri river.


Abhay was saved by Prakash Rai, founder of Ignite India Foundation – an NGO that worked towards helping the underprivileged worked towards eradicating poverty and solving social issues. Having been bedridden, Abhay stayed at the campus and adapted the campus lifestyle. Here he learned the importance of “Karma” through various sessions on The Bhagavad Gita conducted by Prakash Rai.

Abhay thus donned the image of Karma to make society crime-free.

Karma has an accomplice. He is helped by his friend Nisha who takes up the identity of “Raat”- the eternal darkness.