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Ved: Meet the Delhi Super Detective

Born on the best possible combination of latitude, longitude, date and time, Ved is the most intelligent human ever born.

An evil tantric Kautilya killed Ved’s parents soon after his birth so that he can adopt Ved and use him for his own tantric practices.

However, Kautilya’s disciple – Eklavya knew of Kautilya’s evil intentions. To prevent any disaster, he swapped Ved with another similar looking baby – Vihaan. He took Ved to his magician friend from Delhi – The Great Magician Anand.

Anand who ran magic shows across the country kept Ved alongside him wherever he went. Through the events, Ved started learning a lot of interesting illusions. He could now use mini projectors and throw up false imagery to distract audiences. He learnt ventriloquism and could make people believe that his voice was coming from somewhere else. He built agility as he had to be faster than light to stun his audiences and he learnt archery for an event where he had to throw knives at a girl standing at a distance for one of the magic tricks.


As Ved was anyway an intelligent kid, he started helping police in solving cases. Soon the illusionist Ved had transformed into a super-detective that solves cases using his illusionist and agile skills and wit.

The latest book of Ved is “Ved and The Puppet Master” where Ved solves a murder mystery involving a psychopath killer who murders people and turns them into puppets.

Soon we are launching third edition of Ved, which is based around an ice-supervillain “Barf”


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