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Rangkshetra: Artist of the Day- Arpan Kumar.

Today, in the artist series we have an amazing artist who is moving into digital art, Arpan is a student from the Indian Institute of Science and Research and still practice his art in the busy schedule.

So let’s hear it from Arpan in his own words.

1.  Tell us something about yourself. 

 I am Arpan Kumar Nayak <aka “deWalkie”>, a student from IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research) Pune, currently pursuing my 2nd year in an integrated BSMS course of 5 years which is oriented to scientific research. I am from Odisha, where I was born and brought up. I have been, in the literal sense, practicing the art of some of the other sort, before I actually began my formal studies. I have learned fine art for a couple of years and am quite into pastel work. I have worked with soft pastels and oil pastels, but prefer the latter. I do not use the brush as such, but if that’s the need of the hour, I got it all covered! In the past few years I have shifted my genre <actually several times> and started working on illusions, that work like 2D skewed projections of standing 3D objects and feel quite confident about it, I have also worked at large scales, say for making 3-4 ft long floor paintings, which result in larger 3D illusions <I got a life-size white tiger 3D illusion on my garage floor… XD>. Recently, what has caught up my interest is digital art. I have got a Huion h950 graphics pen tablet and I have learned to draw in Photoshop (have even tried my hand on realism). I have tried my hand in Adobe Animate (Flash basically) for 2D animation and Zbrush for sculpting. However, currently, I am working on modeling, texturing, rigging and animating stuff on blender which is a 3D animation software (FOSS). As a sideline, I also do casual sketches and direction and photography and also know the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.

2. How did your interest grow in the field of art?

 I might not have stepped into this pool of “ART” on my own (my parents thought putting to draw something would increase my concentration and stuff, I don’t know if that actually happened <seems like…>) but yes I gradually started liking it and I remember coping down stuff, preferably, cartoon and all, from TV shows, books and anything that was actually visually appealing for a kid. Later on, yes, the systematic approach of learning the finer entities, the challenging yet promising stuff that kept me involved, and now, I feel it’s the diversity that has always been so intriguing that it’s an integral part of life now!

3. Who is your inspiration?

Nature comes first, I would say. I do believe in God’s supremacy, at least in the sense that he/she knew what color he/she is using…; Say, the whole universe was made by a single being, that’s more inspiring than any other thing!! It’s so beautiful and appealing. And man has always tried to emulate such things, manipulate and produce stuff, trying to put down his imagination garnished by and I feel that’s what artists are…Beyond that, of course, there are many many people who have inspired me at many points of time and social media, has always been the catalyst!

4.  Do you have any favorite art style? If yes, which?

My favorite style in terms of classical art is Surrealism #SalvadorDaliFan. I do like Monet’s art style of Impressionism too. In the forms, that I have worked in, I just love Oil pastels as the medium and 3D modeling in terms of digital art, and I am attaching an image that I am currently, working on and is incomplete.

5.  What are your future plans?

 My future plans so as to say, will be ending up as a scientist, since I am into Science…but yes, art and drawing and all… not giving up on it ! <Currently, I am like: give me a chance to learn and make stuff for games or maybe animation movies, I would run crazy XD>

6. Any advice for budding artists? 

I don’t feel I am good enough for delivering an ‘advice’ as such, but a message that I feel good enough to share, will be that, never give up on art, may be of any form…you might not even consider your work under proper art, but hey, that’s what art is all about right… creativity and curiosity.

So, go, run like a wild horse, with your supplies and create a masterpiece… your own masterpiece !!


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