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Rangkshetra: Artist of the day- Dheeraj Kumar

We are back with another artist another day, the Rangkshetra series holds a very special place in our heart, today we are featuring Dheeraj Kumar also called as D.K Boss he is a freelance writer and artist, he also creates his own comics.

So let’s hear it from D.K Boss!!

  1. Tell us something about yourself. 

Myself Dheeraj Kumar also called as DK Boss. I’m a Lucknow (U.P.) based freelance artist and writer. I am a graduate of BFA and 3D Animation studies.

I’m mainly working in Comics with Designing and Animation fields along. I’m working as comicbook colorist from 2008 in Indian comics I started working for foreign comics from 2016. I’m currently working as Series Colorist for ‘Star’s End’ by Antarctic Press USA, with Guest Colorist on ‘Miss Mask’ by Antarctic Press as well. FireGirl Comics USA, Ravanayan 3,4,5 and HCE Showcase by HolyCow Entertainment, Parshu Mayhem by Orange Radius are some of my works as a colorist. I also worked as Writer on ‘Ghosts of India’ by Comics Theory.

I also do my own webcomics strip named ‘Jhoomritallaiyyaa’.

  1. How did your interest grow in the field of art?

– It’s from childhood, I was fortunate to get introduced to comics so early. Phantom, Flash – Gordan, DC, SpiderMan, Archies were the first ones. At that time it was the coolest thing for a kid, I had lots of comics. I used to copy their art. I exactly don’t remember when I started doing art but I soon realized I’m making better art than other kids. Then tv cartoons, video games etc made my interest more stronger in art. In teenage, I found myself more attracted to Commercial Art. I made up my mind for a career in Art Field in my Intermediate.

  1. Who is your inspiration?

–  My first inspiration is my Father, for the man he was and for his struggles. also when I get to knew that Tv Cartoons and Games are not made by machines or Computer but actual people do them, this really inspired me. Comics character Batman and actor Akshay Kumar have a very strong influence on me.

  1. Do you have any favorite art style? If yes, which?

– I avoid myself to follow any particular style because working as freelance artist demands variations/versatility. Still, I have a strong influence of great comics artist Manu ji (George Edison) in my anatomy style. I do follow Frank Cho for illustrations too. Stanley Lau (Artgerm) and Hyung Lee colors inspire me a lot.

  1. What are your future plans?

My own comics series definitely, I’m working on a few self comics projects.

  1. Any advice for budding artists?

– A great Portfolio. It’s very important. Don’t waste your time doing lots of fan arts and other similar kinds of stuff. Instead, create your own characters and story, no matter if it’s for comics, gaming or if it’s a movie idea, the idea is you keep growing and inventing your own world so that no one could be able to beat at your stuff. Just keep working on your stuff/style so when the opportunity hits you, you make sure to hit it back with a great impact.

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