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Rangkshetra: Artist of the Day- Niharika Singh

By February 2, 2019Superheroes with Ink

Art is the form of expression. As it is said a picture says a thousand words. For the artist series today, we are featuring Niharika who is a doodler by heart, depecting her life and everyday situation through her doodles. She worked for some big firms and now working hard to create her own brand. Her doodles will make you laugh and will force you to comment ‘So Relatable’.

So let’s hear it from Niharika in her own words.

  1. Tell us something about yourself. 

My name is Niharika Singh & I stay in Ghaziabad. My schooling has been from Ghaziabad in girl’s school. I went on to pursue my graduation in English literature from University of Delhi & further obtained my master’s degree from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (IP University) in Mass communication.

I started working as a Graphic designer in start-ups & then worked in Bangalore for 2 years. Then came back and worked as the Associate graphic designer for The Time liners (a sister channel of The Viral fever). I worked for the branding of their famous shows like “The AamAadmi Family-2” (did the doodled credits & introduction portion), “FLAMES” (logo & branding), “COLLEGE ROMANCE”. I had a great time to work there. I quit my job in 6 months and started as a freelancer for them. After quitting the job I started my own doodle page which was named as “DOODLOO BY NIHARIKA” as I am a doodler from my school days. Right from my school time, doodling & drawing has been a medium of expression for me. It is something I enjoy. I always knew i wanted to do something like this but didn’t know where to start. But through 3 years of my working, I figured how to go about it. There is a lot to learn to keep my own thing going & growing.

I am happily engaged & have a loving family. My fiancé is a Malayalee Christian boy whom I met in my Master’s degree & this is important information because I make a lot of comic about it. Also diverse cultures & differences in personalities give me a lot of content to doodle on.

Niharika Singh

Super cute doodle by her.

  1. How your interest grew in the field of art? 

I have always been interested in doodling, right from the beginning. What I didn’t know was that I will end up taking this as a career. I worked as a Graphic Designer for 3 years with nice organisations & people. Doodling became occasional once I started working. But then it was always a source of entertainment. I used to & I still follow a lot of doodlers & I realised I could also do this on a regular basis & have fun by sharing what I have to say through doodles.

Also I think this must have been passed to me by my mom since she has been an artist. She is into more serious & traditional art forms like oil painting & canvas painting etc. Mine is way to simpler & informal that ways.

What actually marked the beginning was when few of my friends asked me for customise doodles for gifting ideas. That’s where I started doing customised doodles for my people.

  1. Who is your inspiration? 

To be honest, I am inspired by what happens around. What I doodle is a funny exaggeration of personal experiences & events that take place.

There are some doodlers whose work I admire. There is Mounica Tata (@Doodleodrama), Pranita Kocharekar (@Pranitart)

  1. Which is your favourite art style?

My favourite art style is doodling because it is fun, light hearted, and easy to comprehend and entertaining.

  1. What are your future plans?

My future plans are to develop DOODLOO BY NIHARIKA into a fun, affordable & quirky brand where you can buy cool stuff. I am already selling some stationery though. But this is just the very beginning.

I want to build an audience on social media so that I can doodle on serious & important issues & convey or start a dialogue in a light hearted manner.

  1. Any advice for budding artists?

I am myself a budding artist but from what I have learnt so far, I can’t say that there is always too much to be explored & to be learnt, one should be open to new experiences &learning’s. Only then do you see yourself evolving in whatever art style you practice. But having said that, do not underestimate yourself either. And trial & error is the way to go about it. You may like other artists, be inspired but inspiration doesn’t mean copying. Be original!!

And sharing most of her relatable doodles here.

Also, you can find her more work here: Doodle_by_Niharika


  • stella Thomas says:

    Well done Niha. You expressed from your heart ♥ with experience and free. I love to encourage people who have passion for. Moal I have no web for myself. Blessings and go happily

  • Sonali Swain says:

    Hey, I just came across your profile on Instagram. I really like what you have done so far. I myself love doing such creative work. Would like to get in touch with you regarding something. Best of luck and keep up with the amazing creativity of yours. ❤️

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