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Rangkshetra: Artist of the Day- Ruchika Kumawat.

By February 6, 2019Superheroes with Ink

Rangkshetra, Artist series aims to promote artist as much as possible, to tell them there is a world waiting for them to showcase their talent. So for today, we are featuring an artist who used art as an escape, to give her mind a peace in between hectic studies but she ended up doing it for full time.

Ruchika Kumawat is a talented young girl, who is experienced in pencil shading. She generally creates art without using colors and there is no match of her beautiful work.

1. Tell us something about yourself. 

My name is Ruchika Kumawat. I am a Jaipur based artist. I have graduated in commerce. Something that I really enjoy doing is making realistic graphite pencil sketches. I also take orders for portraits. I have been doing pencil shading for the last 4.5 years and I’m pretty experienced at it. I started doing these paintings and drawings professionally under my brand name Ruchika’s Creations from 2017. It is based off Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur. I get clients and communicate with them only through my Facebook page and Instagram. I have done work for several clients from various localities like Jaipur, Hyderabad, Agra, Mumbai, Delhi, Sikandarabad. I even have clients from Michigan.
    Fb page – www.facebook.com/rcreations29
Instagram – www.instagram.com/ruchikakumawat.29

2. How did your interest grow in the field of art?
Drawing has always been my passion. Drawing has been my hobby since childhood. I was really good at it back then too. But because of the fact that I am a studious child, I never thought of opting it professionally and starting a career on it. But all that changed when I joined a hobby class to learn pencil shading during my CA course in 2014 and I really liked it. Thereafter, I used to practice drawing in my free time. This opened up my potential to my own eyes and later I opted it as my full-time work.

3. Who is your inspiration?
Mostly, I get inspiration from other artists. When I see their work, I learn from them and this knowledge is really helpful for me as I  try to grow my skills after watching them. I have realized a very important fact that as an artist it’s important to learn and grow continuously.

4. Do you have any favorite art style? If yes, which?
 Of course, I do. My most favorite art style is portraits, for sure. Because when you create someone’s portrait, the strangest thing happens. You somehow feel connected with that person in some sense and because you drew them, it’s almost like you know them. I really love to see the reactions of my clients when they see their portraits and that is the one thing that keeps me going.

5. What are your future plans?
 Yeah. I do have quite a few, in fact. Besides pencil shading that I’ve learned,  I am learning how to use watercolors, oil colors and acrylic colors. I do this because once I’ve learned these too, I can start doing portraits in these mediums also.

6. Any advice for budding artists?
 Here’s an advice for all those blooming flowers out there. Keep practicing and be patient. Support each other as a community instead of being competitors. Take risks, leave your comfort zone. Every failed drawing will teach you something, don’t get disheartened. Chill during an art block.  It’s okay to take some time off.


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