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Rangkshetra: Artist of the Day- Subir Dey.

By February 1, 2019Superheroes with Ink

TBS Planet is so happy to bring an artist series for you guys. Here we’ll be featuring artist from all over parts of the world. Artist who are either pursuing their passion or the one who are doing it just for the sake of their happiness. The one who feels grounded while they are holding a brush.

And our first artist for this series is Subir Dey, from drawing simplest cartoon in his childhood days to completing PhD in Comics Studies from IIT Guwahati to now teaching students his art. Subir’s journey seems to be amazing  and all the hurdles he faced can now motivate many budding artist.

So let’s hear it from Mr. Subir in his own words.

1.Tell us something about yourself.

I am SubirDey. I have done my graduation in graphic design from Government College of Arts and Craft Calcutta. I also completed my post-graduation in Illustration from MS University Baroda.  I completed PhD in Comics Studies from Department of Design, IIT Guwahati. I am a moderately fish-eating Bengali from Calcutta and currently working as an Associate faculty in Graphic design discipline at National Institute of Design, NID Ahmedabad.

2.How your interest grew in the field of art?

My first memories of school days connects me with drawing ‘Bambi’ that appeared on the top of pencil boxes that time. I guess they are still printed widely on pencil boxes. I remember drawing it in my copy and bringing at home which was celebrated by my father. I might be 4 or 5 years at that time. Over the next few years, copying cartoons and characters gradually became my constant practice. Copying superhero comics then became an obvious choice as it provided me with lots of different content, characters, and stories. Throughout my school life, drawing was a comforting zone that always consoled me amongst the other subjects. The constant contact with art and different media lead me to choose art as my subject of study after high school. I was probably the only one in my whole batch who selected to study art, irrespective of the unrealistic market demands that suggested engineering, law and medical as the only worthy subjects of study. Once I entered in the art college, my whole world turned around and I kept becoming immersed deeper in understanding art and its values in human life. I felt like I was a mutant who was welcomed in the house of Charles Xavier (I am not a big fan of X-men though!).The whole mechanism was self propelling in that sense because the more I practiced on water-colors, charcoal, acrylics, pencils etc, the more knowledge and interest was emerging in the process. This led me to discover more artists, styles, functions and values of art. And this mechanism is still functional as each day my interest keeps growing more to discover and understand art in social context.

Some works by Subir-

 3.Who is your Inspiration?

I am a hard-core subscriber of realist schools of art. Among the great masters, my constant inspiration comes from John Sergeant, Bernini, Peter Paul Rubens, Caravaggio, Da Vinci, William Bouguereau, Durer and Gustav Courbet. From the late centuries, Gustav Klimt and EgonSchiele gave me more insights on how drawing could have life and emotional meaning. In illustration, I love the compositions and refined drawings of Winsor McCay and Moebius. Paolo EleuteriSerpieripower of drawing fictional world and subject makes me feel jealous. Much of my appreciation of Eastern art lies in the early printed art forms of Hokusai. Junji Ito is another figure that gives me Goosebumps. For understanding rhythm and harmony in art, I more often rely on Chinese and Indian tradition of paintings. Coming from Bengal, I could not escape the hard hitting comments in BikashBhattacharjee’s paintings. Ganesh Pynewatercolors widened my understanding of the medium and its effects. Huge amount of inspiration also comes from the legendary NusratFateh Ali Khan whose dedication and connection with the medium is something I aspire for myself. To summarize, my inspirations arrive from a wide range of art forms, however I always feel that inspirations rarely work unless the understanding is applied in one’s own practices.

4.What are your future plans?

I am a design educator and an illustrator. Saying that means, Design education is my primary area of focus while simultaneously practicing the subjects that I teach. In this context, I am looking forward to start collaborations where practice and theory could be understood in a holistic way. I am also creating some personal short graphic narratives that I would like to bring out to the readers. Also, I plan to fly to Outer Space if my pockets can sustain that!

5.Any advice for budding artists?

I do not consider myself to be in a position good enough to advice budding artists. I am not even sure if now a day’s people listen/understand to advices or not! Thanks to the numerous inspirational quotes in internet that has killed the art of listening and understanding. So I refrain from advising and unnecessarily draining my thoughts. In that context, the only advice that I give to myself is “If my heart is at it, then my brain has to follow”.



  • BBanik says:

    We have seen Subir drawing extraordinarily since the day we all met in 5th standard. The position he has gained today is something he really deserves. I still follow him on instagram and see his work and share it among my colleagues. I am glad to have such a talented friend. I wish you to have a glorious and bright career ahead.

  • SHILPI BORA says:

    It’s really awesome Dr. Subir Dey , one of the most inspiring person that I have ever met, your work is really motivational, amazing, wonderful, fabulous and it goes on. You just light up the room. Keep going and best wishes.

  • Madhumita says:

    I still remember our school campus was full of Subir’s painting… It’s such a treat to see him achieving heights … He worked so hard day n night throughout… U deserve this buddy … So happy for u…. All the best wishes n congratulations… Very much proud to be your friend…

  • Saptami Deb Sarkar says:

    I remember Subir use to help drawing teacher in school. He is such a good artist

  • Sourav Mondal says:

    Learning can be anywhere, you just have courage to absorb it – That’s me and my unforgettable two years with you 🙂

  • Sourav Mahajan says:

    My best friend of childhood. This guy is inspiration to lots of budding artists in India who are really working hard to get some recognition. I feel so great to share some of his personal and professional struggles during our childhood days. Only three words defines him perfectly: Simplicity, creative and passionate. Hearty congratulations Dr. Subir ♥️♥️

  • Shourov Sharma says:

    Good old memories from school, and everyone trusting you with their art assignments. Great to see you have achieved so much in this field.

    Wishing you good luck and many more such interviews.

  • subir dey says:

    Probably it is the support and wishes from friends like you that motivates me to do what i do. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  • Ajit chakraborty says:

    Dr subir dey he is a child hood friend and saw his art skills which is a motivation to others and Subir can fire colours which can make some one immortal…
    I hope he will rock again and again.
    Thanks for being a such and artist cum friend

  • Dhwani says:

    Many Many congratulations for completion of your PH.D. Very proud of you. Wishing you a good luck and bright success for your future. All your wish comes true!

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