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Rangkshetra: Artist of the Day- The_BombayDoodler

By February 8, 2019Superheroes with Ink

Every art is different and so is every artist. They come from different backgrounds work on the different art style, but we are glad that we get to know so many artists like this through our Artists Series. Today we are featuring Pradeep Das also called as TheBombay_Doodler 

He is an H.R by profession scribbling boring office diary with some beautiful doodles. Apart from this, he caters to various sectors of clients like Interior Designers, Architects, Corporate spaces, Cafes etc. and light up space by scribbling it or we can say doodling it.

So, let’s hear it from The  Bombay Doodler.

1. Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Pradeep Das and I reside in Navi Mumbai. I am currently working at D.P World (HR Department) which is a logistics firm.

People find different ways to unwind but I strive through my passion to unwind and recreate. Life hasn’t always been a merry go round for me due to which I started working when I was 19. I started my journey working for the BPO’s and MNCs similar to easy choices of teens back in those days. Although my interests in sports made me the star of my college but at the back of my mind, I always wanted to be an artist. This realization struck me at an early age and made me curious to learn more and more about art. Soon enough I started understanding what scribble art is, which is popularly now known as “DOODLE” now.

Its rightly said that practice makes a man perfect and hence I gave my creativity time, after office hours and got into the habit of doing it daily not just once but every time I got the time to shape my thought out on paper.  Gradually my talent started getting recognition on social media something that I wasn’t expecting. It was because of those appreciations and love from people that motivated me to do more for myself and my art. Organizations started approaching me and it just kept getting bigger day by day.

I currently also work as an artist for the Chal Rang De community but I also cater to various sectors of clients like Interior Designers, Architects, Corporate spaces, Cafes etc. One of my favorite pieces of art has been the massive doodle wall I created for the famous choreographer Melvin Louis for his studio, You must take a look at it. Although working for such clients has been an experience I have always looked forward to, creating memories really close to my heart.

2. How did your interest grow in the field of art? 

As I have mentioned before my interests have always been in Art and I have gradually tried to progress in it. But I never understood for long how to keep creating and recreating new pieces of art, but if u see your answers are always around you but you fail to notice them. I have always tried to see the world from a different perspective and couldn’t find anything better but this world and my experience to inspire my work. Doodling became that medium through which I could express my opinions and feelings about the world get my perspective out there in the world in the best way possible. I really feel blessed when people understand my work, connect with it and most importantly understand the reality in it.

When I was younger I didn’t really know what art could do and the power that it has helping you to connect with individuals mentally and emotionally. Art was just another football game for me where I could show tricks and win hearts and be the stud at school, my intentions towards art that were very raw and more inclined towards gaining attention. Although i have a very interesting graph which starts with scribbling on school desks to creating sketches to come in the limelight , to creating characters because I wanted an upgrade to myself , to creating cartoons because now I loved what I had started doing, to making mandalas because by now it was a passion I never wanted to get rid of and then finally doodles my most favorite art form that grew on me to an extent that I wanted the world to know my perspective and appreciate the life for art I have . I feel honored to draw something on a piece of paper or even a wall for that matter.

When I look back at those days when all this began, I realize how this passion has evolved and grown in me from the very within. It has made me more patient, more dedicated and helped me know myself better. Art has evolved me as a person and my perspective about this cute little world, it has evolved me to a patient person who strives as hard as required to get that perfect stroke that can make thousands smile. There are these little things that have kept me going till date.

To be honest this journey has been a crazy roller coaster ride but today at social events when I’m recognized as The Bombay Doodler there’s nothing more than I would ask for. Totally grateful.

3. Who is your inspiration? 

The first two decades of my life were spent being told that I am confused, I don’t fit in, I have lost my track and I should study and decide what I want to do in the future.

I am 28 now, and I have absolutely no intentions of slowing down. I like where I am going and most definitely love what I am doing.

You know how when you are in a rush to get somewhere you drive as fast as you can to catch every green light possible? That’s exactly what it felt like back then when I made up my mind to be an artist.

My roots are from a small village and I feel blessed and proud to mention it because my inspirations are majorly drawn from that part of my world. I love this daily hustle and the belief that the game is strong and you have to earn your way at the top.

Sometimes you may run out of content to create from and that’s when you would need the hunger inside you to help you create and re-create. This is where most of my inspiration is drawn from. I believe that sometimes you need to be your own inspiration because that’s how an individual grows. Whenever I complete a piece of my creativity, I make sure that this one is better than the previous one and it has the beat of my tastes and flavor’s of art at that moment.

I believe that anyone and everyone can your inspiration at a point but it would never work in your favor unless you make yourself an inspiration to you. I am a self-inspired person, and I think it helps and could be the best thing you could do for yourself. Because you can promise yourself to be better and honest to your dreams and of course you would never break a promise made to yourself.

4. Which is your favorite art style?

We all have choices when it comes to what type of art we like. Art is a subjective matter & can bring out vibrant opinions. Personally, I love black & white art because they add drama and command attention adding a touch of modern sensibility to more traditional spaces.

I have client requirements where they want me to doodle their life story or their journey and I always feel blessed  to be a part of such a conversation because the amount of trust they show in me by sharing their story and believing in me that I would bring it to life again and they can relive those moments again, I fall short of words to express the way I feel . It gives me immense satisfaction to work on varieties like these and create variations to each one of them.

Since I was a child, I have fallen for Mario Miranda’s artwork and style , To be honest, I have tried to recreate those art pieces in the beginning when I had wanted to begin my journey for the love of art but to my realization it never satisfied me because I could call it my piece of work . It’s then that I shifted to black and white art and this time not just scribbled on the book but poured my heart out as I had a big world behind me to prove that I fit in.

5. What are your future plans?

Future is too far a thing, I believe is working for the present because that’s how you’ll set your paths apart from the others. Although I would love to create an art school for budding artists and have them the best of artists from around the world to teach and train them so that people at a very early age understand what Art is and never have to struggle their way through to prove it to the world.

I have also had major interests in traveling and I have a long list of names I would love to travel to and doodle around at spaces. This is my major future goal and I’m looking forward to this the most. If by then I succeed at making my own art space I’ll definitely have my entire team travel the world with me and spread the love for art like never before.


6.Any advice for budding artists?

I think it’s too soon for me to start giving a piece of advice to other artists out there. Everyone has a different ideology that they follow, a different way they work and a different way to look at creatives although I would like to wholeheartedly share my experience and thoughts about art and the field and would be the happiest if it’s of any help to even one budding artist among many.

All I would like to say is that always respect your passion and the outcome you get from it.

Sometimes you will succeed, and sometimes you won’t. You can’t have the best of both worlds always but learn to live the moment, learn from your mistakes and move on but never quit, never give up on your dreams.

Work harder the next time because you were sent here to do that and not sulk in your pillow. Definitely improve your skills and be more passionate about what you love and what you want to create. Create it not to show off but create it for your satisfaction.

I don’t think an artist needs advice, no matter how inspiring a piece of advice you give, they will always do what they want and that’s how an artist should be. Because that’s how they’ll stand out, everyone’s unique and arts magnificent and there’s definitely more in the coming time.

To check out more of his works, you can follow him on Instagram @TheBombay_Doodler


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