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Takshak – A snake-island lies far in the ocean inhabited by the snake-humans, hidden from humans. And everything seems to be going fine until one day when the snake-man Takshak loses the pearl of time “Kaal Moti” and thus is disbarred from the kingdom. Takshak thus embarks on a journey to the human world to bring back the pearl. But will he be able to survive in this world?

Yug – Meet Yug – the warrior, the soldier, the prince, the savior – the hero! As a young boy, he was trained and brought up by a sage. But an unfortunate attack left everyone dead in his kingdom. An attack made by the deadliest demon to ever step on the planet – Shakyasur. Rampaging one kingdom after another, he is on a mission to capture the entire world. But no one can stop him. Or perhaps someone can! Someone who miraculously survived the incident. Someone who was saved by the Devas and brought to Devpur. Someone who was then trained at swords fighting, archery, wrestling and other such important warrior skills. That someone – Yug.

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