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Superhero With Ink:Christopher-Re-Member Yourself

By February 8, 2018Superheroes with Ink

Writing a book involves not only your writing skills but a number of experiences that could be jotted down on a piece of paper. Appreciating the work that Authors do, today we are giving the superhero Badge to Christopher Felton.

And Christopher is sharing some of his experience with us. So let’s hear it from him

1) Tell us about your recent book.

* My book is entitled, “Re-Member Yourself: A healing journey through your ‘Innerverse’ “. It is a comprehensive self-help workbook & journal that can be understood and applied by people from all walks of life. This book is unique in that it is interactive, progressive, and is structured to metamorphosize each reader into improved versions of themselves. The Journal section, alone, is unlike any other journal, as it is specifically formatted to help the reader learn from and correct negative thinking, bring meaning to the reader’s daily life, helps the reader to find purpose in each day, and prepares the reader to optimize  their ‘tomorrow’.

2) Can you share little details about your background?

* I am a former Maryland State Trooper and now work side by side with my wife. In addition to my books “Re-Member Yourself” and “Cipher’s Den”, I’m also a Poet, the former Writer/Editor of a blog called “The Weekly Spark”, and have been featured in “Her Times” magazine publication. I’m also an avid Foodie and a DYNAMIC Cook! 🙂

3) What motivated you to write this book?

* My motivation was simply my personal need for the information and exercises. My intention was to organize some sort of self-help compendium for myself. The questions, statements…everything, began as a way of  achieving a profound and comprehensive method of introspection, as I was tired of experiencing my ‘potential’ creative energy lacking kinetic manifestation. In other words, I was tired of taking one step forward, then two steps back; I was tired of dealing with chronic depression since I was a child, and I was tired of hearing about the same old fixes for my life which was akin to placing a band-aid over a gash in a sinking boat. As I continued to write, the information continued to flow. Once I realized ‘Re-member Yourself’ was simple and short, but significant and powerful, I decided to share it with others. In no way does this mean that I have all the answers, but it DOES mean that I now realize I don’t NEED to have all the answers because I’m “enough” just as I am.

4) What are you currently working on?

* I’m currently working on marketing my book via different methods, while still working the “program” within the book just like every other reader.

5) When did you start writing?

* I started writing when I was a teenager. When I realized that I had a talent for writing poetry, I began to use this talent to structure my poetry cryptically, so that I could express myself on paper in a manner in which only I could decipher, yet readers could still appreciate the poetry from a ‘surfaced’ perspective.

6) Which writers inspire you the most?

* Emily Dickinson – I vibe most with her style and content of poetry.

* Kahlil Gibran

* Neale Donald Walsch

7) Any future projects you are working on.

* Not currently…but “the wheels are turning”.

8) What are your hobbies?

* Cooking, and exploring various food cuisines.

9) Is there any book you personally love and would recommend all the readers?

* “The Prophet” (Kahlil Gibran)

* “Conversations with God” series (Neale Donald Walsch)

10) Any advice for budding writers.

* Write according to YOUR interests, and without concern about what others might think about what you’ve written – you can always edit, structure, and tighten it later (if necessary). Always remember…passion colors the canvas with the essence of the artist (hey…I just thought of that….I think I’ll share it…you can too)! 🙂



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