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Superhero With Ink:Jackson-Ex-Football Player Touched by the Fire of God: In the Flame of His Glory

By February 6, 2018Superheroes with Ink

Writing a book involves years of hardwork, From thinking about the plot to executing it. There is a lot that runs in between. Appreciating all the work a writer does today the superhero badge goes to Jackson I Akporero Ejro.

Let’s hear the story from him!!

1)Tell Us About Your Recent Book

This is my first book, “Ex-Football Player Touched by the Fire of God: In the Flame of His Glory” This book is about how I went from being a football player to ministering about God’s love. Even though, I was raised as a Christian, while I was a soccer player, I never attended church. Once my career was over, I recommitted; six years later, I was baptized “with the Holy Spirit and Fire” in a 1998 crusade in Amsterdam, Holland. The pastor in that crusade, Pastor Hinn, prophesied that I had a calling as a minister of the Gospel, a prophesy that is being fulfilled today in my life. As proof of God’s power in my life, I included testimonies from numerous people.

“The goal of this book is to show everyone who reads it a living proof that the manifest power of God is not for an exclusive few, but for all who seek it,” I want the readers to know how much God loves them and wants to bless and use them and to let them know that the power of God is available to anyone who believes
Through my telephone ministry, people across the world have been affected. Some have received the impartation of the anointing. Others have experienced the immediate manifestation of the power of God, sometimes accompanied with open visions. They experienced the same fire, electricity, tingling, falling down, and other manifestations that normally happen in a church meeting or in a crusade setting. They received God’s touch thousands and thousands of miles away without any physical contact


2) Can you share little details about your Background?

I was born into a Christian family. From childhood, I was taught as a believer to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I grew up with that nature and most of my friends were church folk. When I became a young man and started playing club football, I walked away from God until I broke my shoulder in a football game. After many years of playing competitive matches for pleasure. I unexpectedly received a severe injury in a football match, which ended my ambition to play top-level football in Europe,
What Motivated you to write this book?

The testimonies of God’s power, I was receiving from people I was praying for through the telephone and from distant countries motivated me. Another reason was that, I constantly hear debates and arguments on social media like utube, saying that the days of miracles ended with the first disciples in the Bible. And considering my encounters that has to do the fire and power of God, I couldn’t keep mouth shut. I had to write my experiences to prove that God loves us so much and still works miracles today.

3)What are you currently working?

I am working on a book about the reality and personality of the Lord Jesus Christ. I want the world to know who He really is. The more we know Him, the more we would have power with Him and be used by Him.

4)When did you start writing?

In 2010, I started nursing the idea of writing a book because of what God had done in me and was doing through me. The testimonies that I was receiving from the people brought the desire in me to put into paper so people can be blessed. But I have actually being keeping a record of events for a long time, not knowing that I will later put them together in a book.

5)Which writers inspires you the most?

The very first writer that inspired me when I was a young boy was James Hardly Chase. He gave me the desire to read novels as a young boy and as a Christian, Pastor Benny Hinn and Rick Warren has inspired me the most.

6)Any Future projects you are working on.

My future project is to write a question and answer book on many controversial issues confronting Christianity.

7)What are your hobbies?

Sports, reading, listening, and singing.

8)Is there any book you personally love and would recommend all the readers?

I would recommend “The anointing” by Pastor Benny Hinn,

9)Any advice for budding writers.

Write and keep records of events that happened to you. That is how I gathered my materials for my book.

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