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Superhero With Ink:Vicki FitzGerald-

By January 27, 2018Superheroes with Ink

Writing a book involves years of hardwork, From thinking about the plot to executing it. There is a lot that runs in between. Appreciating all the work a writer does today the superhero badge goes to Vicki FitzGerald.  

Let’s hear her story in her own words!!

1) Tell us about your recent book.

My debut book is called Briguella, it’s a crime thriller. It came out in paperback on Amazon this month and I have been astounded by all the 5-star reviews!

2) Can you share little details about your background?

I was a journalist for almost 10 years working on a weekly paper and the daily Bristol Post.

3) What motivated you to write this book?

The book is based loosely around a real criminal investigation that I covered as a journalist involving a serial sex attacker plaguing my hometown. He was never caught and my experience of covering the case, press conferences and talking to victims made me want to write the book. Although I have changed a lot.

4) What are you currently working on?

My second thriller – which I can’t decide what to call, either The Night My Life Was Stolen or Harbouring the Truth. It has a harrowing revenge plot involving the dark web and how a young woman’s entire life is ruined in one night. Now it’s payback.

5) When did you start writing?

I started about 14-years ago. I sent Briguella off to an agent but was told I needed another 40,000 words and perhaps I should change the sex assaults. I had just given birth and didn’t have the time. I decided a couple of years ago that life was too short and I didn’t want to look back and wish I had finished the book, so I put my PR company on hold to carry out extensive research and turn the assailant into a serial killer.

6) Which writers inspire you the most?

I love books that draw me in. I enjoy Holly Seddon, James Patterson, Caz Frear, Claire Douglas, Ali Land, Claire Mackintosh.

7) Any future projects you are working on.

Once my second novel is completed, I’ll start on the third and have a few ideas floating around in my head.

8) What are your hobbies?

Making homemade bath salts, bath bombs, goats milk soaps. I have a little Etsy shop, Chic Bubble Treats. Sometimes I need a break from the computer and I find it relaxing. I also love travelling abroad to explore new countries, going to the gym and running when it is’t too cold. I enjoy good food and wine!

9)Is there any book you personally love and would recommend all the readers?

I really loved Ali Land, Good Me Bad me.

10) Any advice for budding writers.

Don’t give up. I felt so disheartened by rejections from literary agents. You must be positive and remember Harry Potter was turned down 12 times. That kept me going!! You must believe in yourself and stay positive. Also get out to places and take in your surroundings if you are trying to set the book in a certain place. I spent ages just sitting in an old Tithe barn, as it becomes a major setting in Briguella. It helped enormously with my descriptions. Also ask for help if you need it. I am lucky enough to have some great experts happy to assist.

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