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Superhero of Startup: Aakash-Hustle Media House

Startups are all about passion and passionate people working together. In the series of Superheroes of startup today we are featuring Aakash to appreciate the work he did to Setup Hustle Media House. 

Let’s hear the journey from Aakash!!

1. Tell us something about you and your start-up.

About Me: I moved to Mumbai 6 years ago with the dream of becoming a white-collar professional. I’m originally from Nagpur, where our family business of restaurants has been holding a prestigious position for the last 50 years. However, my aspirations looked upon a different field; which is why, choosing to not go for the easy way out, I came to Mumbai and got myself enrolled in a BMS-degree college. Seeing the fast-paced life in Mumbai, I understood immediately that in order to establish something, I had to start working for it right away. Completing my graduation was challenging; because a given day involved 5 hours of college followed by 8 hours of work. Nevertheless, I decided to keep the bigger picture in focus and kept going.


After having gained work experience of 5+ years, I decided I was ready to start something of my own. While these thoughts in mind, I met with NK, and we decided to start a company together. This is where “Hustle Media House” comes in the picture. An advertising agency which provides end to end advertising & marketing solutions; it targets the needs of both start-up businesses and 2-tier/ 3-tier companies. We could see that a lot of boutique agencies had started up but the ones providing 360-degree solutions were global networked agencies which weren’t focusing on or helping budding entrepreneurs and SMEs. To accomplish this, we collaborated with the best talents in the industry and provided a Lead AOR model to our clients. Having set up, we soon got clients from India, USA, Argentina, Singapore and Malaysia and are now venturing into UK too.

2.What was your motivation behind venturing into this?

Staying in Mumbai was very challenging as I always had this crazy and distinctive streak which I have always followed. It seemed to me like coming to work in Mumbai could not have been a better decision, because its fast-paced life complemented my attitude towards work very well and soon enough I got an opportunity to work for McCann Worldwide, the world’s largest Ad Agency where I learnt a great deal about advertising, team management, financials and projects. Soon after this, I started working at a Creative Agency called Global Image Factory. Here, I worked with a wide variety of top retail brands and became part of a crucial network in the US.

With all this knowledge and experience, I realised the ‘how to’ behind providing quality and strategic advertising & marketing services while benefitting the customers economically. I could see a lot of great products in the market and how the advertising commercials was stopping them from reaching their correct audience. I knew my clientele right then!

3. Give us a brief background about founders and its core team members?

At HMH, my co-founder is NK (Nandkishore Pillai), a year junior from college. He is a very talented and motivated person. His knowledge of creative strategy is what convinced me to partner with him. We strategized on starting the ideal agency – one that provides everything. NK handles Strategy and is the CCO.


For Business Development and Project Management, we have Eric Abraham & Sameer Garg. Social Media & Digital Marketing is handled by Dipak Rajput and the Legal Representation is by Yogita Bhalothia-they constitute our core team. It’s the individual passion and motivation that got us together to deliver bespoken creative and human-centric brand experience. All of us working together have been friends since before the company started.

4.Who do you see as competition and how is your startup different?

I could say that everyone would be my competitor here. But if one looks around, people are starting up boutique agencies with all kinds of specialisations, whereas we are providing 360-degree services at a global scale. This very minute difference makes us one-of-a-kind.

Hustle Media House aims to deliver innovative solutions in the three specializations, namely – Creative, Production & Strategy that helps brands transform and grow businesses worldwide. We are new in the marketplace; a one-stop shop agency with an ever-expanding scope of services just to accommodate the challenging global Marketing & Advertising needs. We are experienced and committed to being extremely creative and have collaborated in the past to create smart, exclusive & networked solutions for many world-class brands. We understand the concept of ‘Need & Need Discovery’ and strategize heavily on realizing them for our brands. We believe that curiosity & engagement can scale up businesses. We are new but we aren’t afraid because in today’s world, everything is new be it the challenges or solutions. We take our brands seriously and don’t just rely on our amazing creative talents but we also have some geeks crunching data and providing information essential for the brand. You see, we do realise that at the end it’s all a number game. Our ecosystem contains people coming from the best of workplaces & diverse culture; a place where the team can shed off all the limits and be as risky as they can. Because how do you expect to rise with the fear of failure? We believe in collaborations and look for people who thrive creativity to deliver the unconventional. We like to call ourselves an Organised Chaos.

5.What are the revenues and margins like in your industry?

Our margins are small; however, our objective is not revenues. It is for the thrill of advertising and applying one’s creative mind to use. We know that the monetary graph will increase with time simultaneously; and would rather use our present time committing ourselves to the betterment of our work rather than worrying about other aspects.

6.What are your future plans?

Once we attain steady growth, our future plans certainly involve business expansion. Since we have clients from the US; work will easily become more efficient once we have a physical presence there. We also pursue to get hold of bigger, better projects with every new client. For 2018, I am kicking off a delivery kitchen setup in Mumbai and would be expanding sales for the Eadbox India (an Argentinian based training & development company) with whom I have partnered for India Operations.

7. Any advice you want to give budding entrepreneurs.

Stop dreaming and ‘start-up already’! Although a tough race, it is not a scary one. They say it’s tough so that it can scare you, but I believe if you are tough, you are the next entrepreneur. The burden of the task must never overcome your passion for your work. You simply need to love what you do and make everyone else fall in love with it too.


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