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Superhero Of Startup:Arun & Jyoti-greenBUG

By February 16, 2018Superheroes of Startups

Every startup in the world aims to give a message to the fellow people, a message that says,’dreams do come true if you work on it passionately’. So in our series of Superhero of Startup today we have a couple who made their dream come true.

Let’s hear it from Arun & Jyoti on their journey of greenBug.

1) Please tell us a little about yourself

I am an MBA by education, consultant by profession, and entrepreneur at heart.Arun Balachandran, my partner, has a similar profile. We are both first-generation entrepreneurs.

We started greenBUG as our passion to promote green and responsible living. Now it has become a full-time engagement for us. Whenever there is no rush, we both enjoy quiet time and travel. Walking de-stresses us J

We both are fortunate to have a wonderful circle of family and friends around us. That really helps ride us through times when things don’t happen the way we’d like.

 2) Please tell us about your startup and products. 

greenBUG is a uniquely designed dustbin liner made out of used newspaper and starch glue. Designed as a convenient alternative to plastic liners, greenBUG liners can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, under desks, office rooms, etc.

Our customers love greenBUG’sutility and eco-friendliness. Many of them also appreciate the fact that these liners are produced by homebound unskilled women whom we train. They are able to pick up the skill rather quickly due to the simplicity of the design and process.

Thus, this initiative serves two causes – bringing convenient eco-friendliness to the well-off, and a dignified income to the disadvantaged.

 3) What are the further plans?

EverygreenBUGliner used is one plastic linerless in our landfills. We plan to keep lakhs of single-use plastic liners from polluting our environment.

In the long term, greenBUG wants to be identified as a line of products, which make environment-friendly living convenient. We have just started selling outside Bangalore. New products will be added to the portfolio soon.

 4) One-line advice for budding entrepreneurs.

No matter how well you plan your business, chaos will stare at you almost every day. Beat it.

  • Quick Trivia around the Entrepreneur:
    1) Favorite Book: 
    Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini; Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
    2) Favorite Food:
    Thai green curry; Khichdi
    3) Favorite Movie:
    Cinderella Man/Life is Beautiful
    4) Who inspires you: Almost everyone who lost and stood back up on their feet
    5) How can your customers buy your products: and
    6) Your social media pages: 
    Facebook, Twitter

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