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Superhero Of Startup: Awanish & Ashwini- Autobot India

By February 15, 2018Superheroes of Startups


“Startup” may be a small word but it signifies a long story of effort, persistence and most importantly passion. We at TBS Planet, believe that every founder is a superhero and every startup has a story that could inspire people all around the planet. So today, in our Superhero of Startup series we are featuring Autobot India.

1) Please tell us little about yourself.

AUTOBOT INDIA (ABI) is an emerging global company offering cutting edge 360-degree professional training solutions for corporates, academics and racing competitions. ABI offers specialized and tailor-made services in higher education and practical learning approach (PLA) solutions for the academics worldwide.

ABI serves in very diverse form of technical and educational training programs for both corporate and academics.

We are specialized in Green Energy and Electric Vehicle Technology Solutions.

VISION: To stay innovative, sustainable and revamping practical learning approach


  • M2020 – To promote and establish MAKERS concept among the learning communities worldwide
  • M2025 – To make India as prominent R&D destination
  • M2030 – To revamp theory led education system into practical driven education structure. Integrating PLA and AERIC models across every academic in India.


2) Please tell us about your startup and products.

We’re unique, innovative with sustainable model to redesign the education learning process in India as well worldwide with an objective to create industry ready manpower, establishing R&D culture in academics and Tech-entrepreneurship.

ABI offers highly customized industry ready programs in the following domains:


  • Automotive Design and Development
  • E-mobility
  • Energy Storage Solutions
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Industrial Automation
  • Robotics and Embedded system
  • Defence
  • Aviation

Making Indian educational institutes competing with International universities on of quality of education, academic R&D, patents through our Practical Learning Approach (PLA) model.

3) What are the further plans?

We are dedicated to bring new waves of fresh ideas, innovations at academic level integrating industry mentorship, sponsorship for the student’s own future projects.

4) One-line advice for budding entrepreneurs 

“To identify the problem statement and make the sustainable solution rather just having a great idea”

5) Quick Trivia around the Entrepreneur:

Favorite Book: Strength Finder – BY  TOM RATH & GALLUP Who inspires you: Jack Maa and Mr. Pankaj Dubey (M.D & CEO of Polaris India)
Favorite Food: North Indian cuisine Website:
Favorite Movie: Transformer Facebook:




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