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Superhero of Startup:Tushar-Innvos Labs

Startup” may be a small word but it signifies a long story of effort, persistence and most importantly passion. We at TBS Planet, believe that every founder is a superhero and every startup has a story that could inspire people all around the planet. And so we are launching this series of interviews to show our support towards the cause. In our first interview here, let’s hear from Tushar on his journey at Innvos Lab.

  1. Tell us something about you and your startup?

I am a computer science graduate by profession who graduated from Chitkara University, India and have been tinkering around with technology for past 10 years. I have previously worked with Infosys Ltd. and am currently working as the Regional Head of Operations for a US based company here in India along with which i am pursuing my startup “Innvos Labs”. By speciality, I am a programmer but have varied certifications and diplomas in the fields such as entrepreneurship, autonomous robotics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, and few similar domains.

About Innvos Labs:

At the surface, we’re a young and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking idea that we hope will contribute towards a better tomorrow.  Our main goal has always been to find an idea that can improve the world, even if that means making someone’s life a little bit easier, or making a complicated process a bit more convenient. Our motto here is “Changing lives, one user at a time”.

Domain we work  at: Business consulting and Technology Research

Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence (A.I)  and its applications in Transportation, Medicare and Security

Projects: Smart Transport Management system, Multilingual speech recognition for the disabled, Security using autonomous UAVs, Digitization of Primary Medicare services and Diagnostic systems and promote and develop friendly A.I solutions for improvements in daily life activities such as home automation, Navigators, digital assistants etc.

  1. What was your motivation behind venturing into this?

Our main goal has always been to find an idea that can improve the world. Here in India, everything is done via the essence of emotions and that is what we look forward to doing. Since childhood, I have been an observant and inquisitive kid. I always tried to find reason and logic for everything. As I grew up my curiosity for learning about technology and businesses increased exponentially, well thanks to Apple, Microsoft and Google for that. They’ve always made me challenge myself and grow as an individual. During high school, mobile application development was something which was unique and new and well I found myself another domain to tinker around with thus widening my horizon a lot more towards technology. As a result, I always ended up engulfing myself into anything which started and ended with technology. During my time at Infosys, I began to feel the need to do something beyond what i was doing at that time. Given the current work culture and economic conditions of India, there is lesser to no acceptance for children with talents. Which could be Integrated circuit design, robotics, product design, and to generalise it children who just love to make things. I was really put down with tons of such instances and wanted to do something for the society which could act as a catalyst for the growth and success of these children. This is what led me to join my current company which recognised my talent and skill set and gave me such work assignments and project where I could grow professionally and actually put my experience to a better use. This is where I was provided with an opportunity to start my own venture to explore this vast IT domain with all my and my team’s experiences and skills and try and make this world a better place.

  1. Give us a brief background about founders and its core team members?

Tushar Bhatnagar   (Founder & Managing Director)

An entrepreneur, businessman, inventor and industrial designer. Founder, Managing Director of Innvos Labs. Expertise in Innovation and IT management. Aim to be the pioneer in emerging technologies. Proficiency in business communication, operation management, UX/product design and product and process design, multi-linguist of technology-driven business, team building and collaboration, innovation and market research.

Harsh Gaur  (Director – Operations)

Experience in various projects including urban planning, transport planning, smart cities and municipal finance. Interest areas include Urban and Rural development works, Urban, Regional and Transport planning, Urban Governance, Urban and Rural economy, Disaster management, Real Estate Development, PPP models, Municipal Finance, Urban Infrastructure Development, Proposals, Business Development and Project Management. Has sound knowledge of urban governance, municipal finance and administration, PPP models and transport planning.

Ujjwal Verma  (Director – IT)

Previously worked with Infosys. One of the key executives of the organization. Works with the management, IT team members and external partners to ensure that the IT infrastructure and digital assets are working efficiently and effectively. The final arbiter of IT management in the organization and adviser for corporate leadership about the need for timely investments in IT. Responsible for research and development, support of technology infrastructure or company operations.

  1. Who do you see as competition and how is your startup different?

As far as competition is concerned, we wouldn’t  mind being called as competitors but for us, we wouldn’t like to compete with any business entity. Our sole goal is to identify any process or any idea which could help bring organisation, discipline, equality and growth for society and help that process or idea manifest into something special. We would happily accept collaborating with any business entity which seeks out our guidance or needs our experience to achieve something for itself. But if we are still supposed to pick out our competition that would be: Uber, Make my Trip, TATA Motors, BEL India, BigBasket, Practo and few others who are into our similar domain.

  1. What are the revenues and margins like in your industry?

Our business solely depends upon the volume i.e. revenue generated from transport segment and the software’s sold to various business entities. This generated revenue is further pumped back into the research and development wing of our company

  1. What are your future plans?

The Innvos Labs staff believes in the potential of our great idea, and it truly shows in all of our work. Our team works tirelessly in order to bring you a better tomorrow.

To begin with, we shall Introduce the following into our portfolio:

  • Brain to text conversions
  • Brain to motion (Digital inputs)
  • Autopilot for vehicles
  • Smart digital assistant for the user
  • Data analytics to read the immune system and provide diagnosis and prognosis of a disease
  1. Any advice you want to give budding entrepreneurs.

The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In the current world that is rapidly changing, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking any risks. One should take from the best that exists and make it better. If it does not, then make it.


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