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TBS Planet Mega Anniversary Sale

By July 1, 2018Free Comics

We are a generation of people who keep a different world in our hands. Yes, social media has completely taken charge over our world and now it is a great means for connecting us to different people and keeping us updated with the latest trends and news. Looking at this fact, we have launched our Digital subscription plan through which we offer new comic each and every day for 365 days of a year. Yes, you get to read our comics every day. These comics reach you through WhatsApp that makes it easy to read anytime.

You can choose between genres from Action Superheroes to Horror to Comedies to Corporate/ Startup Humor to Mythology – You can mix and match whichever genres suit you best.

On top of that, the comics are available in 6 languages i.e. Hindi, English, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi and Kannada that means you get to choose between your preferred language.

The comics are arranged in the form of episodes and are super easy to read while you are heading back to your home and need something to make your drive interesting, or during those short breaks when you are looking for something to freshen up your mood.

Plus, the comics are a great way to improve your reading skills, your vocabulary. And they will definitely take you to the different world of imagination and will let you wonder about the next episode.

But, the best part is yet to come, we usually offer this digital subscription at Rs. 300 but on this 2nd of July, we are celebrating 2nd anniversary of TBS Planet and on this occasion, we are organising a mega sale where this digital subscription will be distributed at Rs. 1. Isn’t that amazing?? It’s an offer you could not afford to miss.

You can get this subscription for your family, friends everyone you care about. Also, make sure your child reads the comics and we’ll make sure that he falls in love with our comic characters!!

Here is good news for you all. TBS Planet is turning 2 and for the first time, we are organising a mega sale where we are offering our digital subscription just at Rs.1. This is an offer you cannot afford to miss. Stay tuned for updates and do wait for 2nd of July.




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