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The Story of Rani Lakshmibai

“बुंदेले हरबोलों के मुँह हमने सुनी कहानी थी,
खूब लड़ी मर्दानी वह तो झाँसी वाली रानी थी”

 Rani Lakshmi Bai was one of the leading figures of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and became a symbol of resistance to the British Raj for Indian nationalists. Her tales of fight and valour will transcend generations.

Let us read her story-


Father – Bhagirathi, our little girl Manikarnika is looking so beautiful.
Mother – May got give her inner beauty and strength as well.


Father – Manu, your mother is no more!


Nana Sahib is telling to Manikarnika  – Manu, now I will teach
you how to read and write. And then you will learn sword fighting.
Manikarnika – Yes. I would love to.


When she was fourteen, she got married to King of Jhansi, Gangadhar Rao and thus became the
Queen of Jhansi, Rani Lakshmibai.


A few years later – 1851 

King – Manu! You have given me a successor to this throne. I cannot tell you how happy I am. We will
call him Damodar Rao.


But the happiness was short lived. Four months had passed. And then

Woman 1 – Did you hear the news? Damodar Rao died!
Woman 2 – Oh no! Poor King and Queen!

Woman 1 – Maharaja has fallen sick after hearing the news!


Lakshmibai- Maharaja, our sorrows will now stop! We are adopting the son of your cousin Anand Rao.
And we will call him Damodar Rao.
Maharaja – You are so caring!


But the next day, Maharaja died too –
Rani Lakshmibai had seen the worst possible misfortunes


Months later, when she regained strength.
Lakshmibai thinking – I will have to be strong and take control of Jhansi or else the citizens will get
affected. And I must get recognition for Damodar Rao as the successor of Jhansi.


Dalhousie talking to his English officer.
Officer – Lord Dalhousie, the queen has sent a message to recognize her adopted son Damodar Rao as
the successor of Jhansi.
Dalhousie – Hahaha! Of course not! This is a good opportunity! Hoist our British flag at the Jhansi fort
and move Lakshmibai to Rani Mahal on pension. Let’s capture Jhansi!


It was June 1857.

Few Britishers tried to seize the fort, 
Rani Lakshmibai – “Main Apni Jhaansi Nahi Doongi”


Rani Lakshmibai won!


Sensing that Jhansi might be weak, few other kingdoms like Datia and Orcha attacked Jhansi

However, Rani Lakshmibai’s troops defeated them.


Rani Lakshmibai – Lot of kingdoms tried attacking Jhansi. The Britishers also want to annex Jhansi. And
so I seek your opinion on who should rule Jhansi!
Man 1 – We are always in your support our Queen!
Man 2 – Rani Lakshmibai ki Jai!
Man 3 – The Britishers use pig’s meat in their weapons! We are not supporting such evil people. Victory
to our queen!


Rani Lakshmibai – Well then, the Britishers have captured Delhi and Kanpur and are advancing towards Jhansi. A war is inevitable.

Let’s prepare for it. We need to have stocks of food for the emergency.
Also, fire brigade.

Women can fight must fight and who can’t fight should learn how to doctor and help the wounded!


Hugh Rose – Surrender Jhansi! Or it will be destroyed!
Rani Lakshmibai – We will fight for independence!
Rani Lakshmibai thinking – The Britishers don’t know that I have already requested help from Tantia Tope.


But this time British were ready. They attacked Tantia Tope’s troops in the night and
defeated them by early next morning. Jhansi was helpless again.


Britishers had one ally disguised in queen’s troop who guided them in the fort on April
3 rd.

But Rani Lakshmibai and her troops attacked bravely:

Rani Lakshmibai thinking – We need help. We must join hands with Rao Saheb’s army at Kalpi.


Even though Lakshmibai met Rao Saheb, but Britishers forced them to a route.
Rani Lakshmibai – We need an even bigger army. Only Gwalior can help now.
Britisher officer screaming – Keep following Lakshmibai and kill her!


But Gwalior’s environment wasn’t as aggressive and supportive and Lakshmibai fought
like a tigress

Lakshmibai – I will fight till my last breath. 


She jumped with her horse from Gwalior Fort 
Lakshmibai – I cannot let myself die at the hands of Britishers.


Villager – She was a brave queen! Let her soul rest in peace.

Rani Lakshmibai will forever be an inspiration for every Indian!


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  • I m really glad to read our country’s pridest women story Rani Lakshmi Bai…..she is such a very great women n we never forget her…. we always remember Jhansi ki Rani Lakshmi Bai

  • This story of ranilakshmi Bai is terrific and am very happy to read such kind of story….. I always remembered u Jhansi ki Rani….

  • Vishnu teja says:

    Most inspiring story. Read this story so many times so far but this story is not at all boring. She will be remembered as soon as wind blows. she is a great inspiration for women. All women should fought like lakshmi bai when they are teased by men sexually.

  • vishnutejayadati1995 says:

    Most inspiring story. Read this story so many times so far but this story is not at all boring. She will be remembered as soon as wind blows. she is a great inspiration for women. All women should fought like lakshmi bai when they are teased by men sexually.

  • girishchandrapani says:

    One of the best stories ever read. Heroes are not the one in movies but those in real lives who are fearless and r ready to sacrifice their lives for the welfare of their place.

  • ruhan says:

    best inspiring story for indians


    this story insipirastion for every pepole……… nice story…….story edditing is superb…

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