After the times of Mahabharata, when Dwarka got submerged, a new species started developing under water due to its mystic powers.

Varun was a baby who came up- float from the water kingdom. Prof. Alok meanwhile was appointed by UNESCO to excavate the Dwarka. On one of his research visits, he found this baby boy floating inside a box. Alok brought him home. As he had found the baby in an ocean, he and his wife Shubha names the baby as “Sagar”.

However, something was different about this boy. As he started growing, the boy started developing fish-like scales.

Indian Aquatic Action Superhero Comic Book Series

As he further grew, he developed sharkskin, night vision, and other superhuman abilities. These abilities helped him excel at sports as he couldn’t get hurt. He was unusually fast at swimming and intuitively a good diver.

Sagar then went on to finish his Bachelors and Masters degree. After a strange incident where a mysterious man tried to kidnap Sagar, Prof. Alok decided to reveal the full secret of his birth to Sagar. He gave him an ancient Vedic letter that was found inside the box along with him. The letter had a mantra – a mantra that would invoke Lord Varun, the God of seas – “Om Vam Varunaya Namah”

While it was just a letter for everyone else, for Sagar it was to change his future. As when he chanted the mantra, he transformed into…Varun – an invincible aquatic human who had immense powers.